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  1. I know this is uberrrrrrrrrrr late, but thank you for those who greeted me :))

  2. Osu! Hisashiburi ja na~ O genki minna tachi? :3

  3. osu. konbanwa! hisashiburi dayo ne minna-san. o genki desu??

  4. update me in dc! darn, my pc was broke and i was not watching for eternity and it sucks and i want to know what happened after that satan episode something. ...

    1. angelranchan


      dc chapter 780,dc ep sixhundredi don't know (i think 629or 30 31 dunno:D , kudo shinichi he no chouisenjou episode 11 .ep 12 tomorrow.. then new opening misty mystery by garnet crow,new ending song your best friend by mai kuaki my love..and what else? haha!

    2. angelranchan
    3. angelranchan
  5. go to acc settings, then language. From English(US), change it to English(UK). then your precious facebook will be back the way it used to be. :) enjoy detectives!

  6. for those who are having troubles in their facebook, i have a solution:

  7. for those who are having troubles in their facebook, i have a solution:

  8. i'm back! miss this site. :)

  9. Black Swan. Di ako mkamove on.

  10. piano-ing the main theme of dc. hihi. (if anyone will ask for sheets, i dnt have shit, i mean sheet, i only play by ear. xD)

  11. okay, now i forgot how to change my picture here. GREAT :\ can anyone teach me how?

    1. Aeyra


      Go to your profile, press edit profile, and there should be a 'change photo'. From there, upload a photo and presto! It'll be changed!

    2. Shirayuki Hana

      Shirayuki Hana

      Oh aeyra you're a life-saver. Thanks a lot :)

  12. Ang AMPALAYA kinakain, hindi inuugali.

  13. ang MATA nasa harap para makita ang dinadaanan.hindi para IYAKAN ang pinagdadaanan.

  14. is lazy, in-love with some idiot but nonetheless handsome and cool guy, sleepy, hungry, grumpy, happy, lonely

  15. bye guys. time check: 1:09am

  16. ooooohhhhhhhh now i see. thank you for remembering then.

    So kind of you...

    You just turned 14 huh? Belated too. :)

  17. loveless. :?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      I'm not loveless!! DX

    2. Shirayuki Hana

      Shirayuki Hana

      lol, i'm not saying that you're loveless. I am.

  18. lawl. thank you. atleast you remembered me somehow. nyahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :))

    did you look at the calendar while ago?:D

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