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  1. time check: 12:11 am. ooooooooooooohh, how's life?

  2. it's alright :)


  3. pips, add mei! kikikikiki

  4. give me some reputation, will you?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Uhm.. Why? We don't just give 'em without a good reason.. DX

    2. IdentityUnknown


      ^ I give reputation when I think the person has made a valid point or has presented a good theory (or in KKLT's case, solved a riddle). Rarely do people give free rep, and even then, there's always a reason.

    3. Shirayuki Hana

      Shirayuki Hana

      oooohh i see. Okay then. Thnks fot the info.

  5. can you be my friend. Jee, i dnt MOST of the girls and gays, i mean guys here.

  6. guys, who's watching bleach here?

  7. ooooh, i'm gonna start detective conan. SECOND time around. whewitttttttttttt.

  8. Can you be my friend?

  9. Can you be my friend?

  10. atlast! miss dcw. Anybody who has facebook here?

  11. oh, hi. Glad to hear that. But why is your picture Ai? Anyways, please reply to my introduction )_( thnk you.

  12. is phenomenal. hohoho =))

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