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  1. I wonder if anyone still remembers me :-|. I decided to start reading DC again and that's why I came bake ;).

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      :o You came back on Christmas Eve! That must be sign!
    3. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      @Rye, thanks :)

      @Balthazar, I think a year and a half :|.

      @Kid the Phantom Thief, lol, who knows :)?

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      *a sign

      Indeed, who knows! Santa, maybe?

  2. Good bye DCW. I will miss you all.

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    2. guitarpawat


      Awww bye and thank you for the curry *eats* yumm ^_^ good bye =_=

    4. its me sang
  3. Cool. Send it to me by emil, ok?

  4. Okay, tomorrow is my last day and I'll reply to all the post then. I had no internet so I couldn't go online and I'm tired now, sorry.

  5. Don't cry, you're making me wanna sty :(. LOL.

  6. You changed your name again, lol. So what you working on now?

    I'm doing good, thank you.

  7. Lol. Maybe I take after my mother, since she's from England. But, many people say I look like my father.

  8. My big announcement that I promised, http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/3654-good-bye-dcw/ Don't cry :P.

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    2. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      Lol. I'm not that important to DCW and I'm sure not one the oldest, too. But maybe a bit old :).

      Thanks, I'll try my best to be as happy as I was here.

      Sayounara :D.

    3. Kiel95


      You're important to me <3

    4. Inspector Gin
  9. Tomorrow I'll be making a big announcement, so don't miss it.

  10. You're welcome :D.

    It's good. I didn't work out for so long before I started going, and I'm loving it b(^^)d.

  11. Do you like it when boys call you honey :(?

  12. I hope everything goes good at your end :D.

    I've started going to the gym for the second time in my life ^^.

  13. You're welcome :D. So, what have been up to?

  14. What do you mean motive? It's just a username :|.

  15. Yeah, you're welcome :D. And sure is been a year since then :) "Time flies"

    By the way, I'm sorry if I was being a bit to harsh in that post. I'm sometimes like that with some of the members.

  16. Now I remember you. When I saw 500 at the end of you name I said "I'm sure I know a member with 500 at the end." You're the one I was helping with your "sig" when you first joined, right? I'm glad you became a mod :D, I really am. You past me :P. By the way, how are you? It been a while.

  17. Nothing really. What about you?

  18. Bad news for my father, his aunt just died :(.

  19. Yeah :D.

    By President Anohata him self, too :).

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