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  1. ok. ^^ where do you live?

  2. what do you need help with?

  3. noo?? it's an awesome seires!!!!! Percy Jackson and the Olympians!! A movie just came out for it, but it sucked. Xd

  4. really? everyone said like the effects were sucky or something. did you hear of the lightning thief?

  5. haha. thanks, ^^ sadly it was a normal day, but i got some presents from my friend. ^^ but on the sad side, i had to spend 2 hours finishing my narrative essay which i got an 80% on, -.-

  6. no... don't they suck or something? that's what everyone said. XD

  7. do you like them? and it was because i have to approve them.. dunno why.

  8. ohh.. thanks. ^^

    i hate twilight. XD

  9. thanks. ^^ i'm 12 now!! XD when's your's?

  10. haha. ^^ thanks. who's taylor?

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