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  1. hello Happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Now I know u're from China too lol..
  4. PhantomAi


    There r 3 countries I love most all over the world:Switzerland,Germany,and Finland.. A country w/ countless lakes.. I know the handsome used-to-be F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen(and now there's a Kovalainen),the best sniper Simo Hayha,the famous company Nokia.. And about music,I love Nightwish and Negative(the vocal really looks like Avril lol)..and H.I.M,Amorphis,Stratovarius,Children of Bodom,Moonsorrow and a lot more.. Not to mention that u have Sibelius in ancient times.. I've learnt a little Finnish online few yrs ago.Still know some easy words like Moi,kiitos,apua..and I remembered "me" in finnish means "we" right? I wanna know how much it costs to study in Finland..
  5. I know I haven't been active for the last few months. Just had my birthday a few days ago,and when I checked my email today I surprisedly found quite a few guys make friends or leave messages(or both ) on my profile. Then I know it's because of the birthday thing. So,I really appreciate following guys,and say thx for wishin me happy bsday lol: phantomlady1101 X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X IdentityUnknown Chelseaj500 Meitantei Holmes And special thanks to: conanshinichi I saw you pic(I guess it's some kind of a postcard?) for me and it's so cute!! PS:Last time I updated "recent status updates" in this forum was last year,so if u'd like to communicate w/ me u can follow me on Twitter cos I update that often..and it's really convenient(despite the fact that it's banned in China,political issues). My Twitter account is @_e_x_ and I'll DEFINATELY follow back if u follow me
  6. Have a happy birthday!


  8. Happy Birthday! Phew, I didn't completely miss it...

  9. I searched "the lord of the ring image" on Google and got my current avatar.

  10. Wow, that is a cool profile pic. Where'd you get it from?

  11. R.I.P for those people who've suffered in the earthquake.China met a strong one 3 years ago so I totally feel sorry for Japanese...hope the country will build up again fast after the event.
  12. OK let's stop blaming ourselves lol. Let it pass. Stay cool
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