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  1. hey are u indonesian??

  2. can't wait to watch DCM 15!!

  3. this movie was incredibly funny :mrgreen: esp when kaito wanted to kiss ran :grin:
  4. oh okay, sorry. just starting tough. and then how to delete my topics? idk
  5. actually, I didn't like this movie though. because the story was not very thrill (I guess) the only part that I like is when happen a fight between gin and irish & conan
  6. Are you guys already watch the detective conan movie 14? I want to watch it but the movies are not available in the youtube. :sad:
  7. oh,I'm from Jakarta.nice to meet you

  8. Where r u frm? Jakarta, bandung, malang? I am frm Jakarta

  9. Hi Vania, welcome to DCW, wish you have a pleasant stay. Have fun !

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