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  1. Curiosity led me back to this site! Long time no D-seee

    1. Sakila



    2. Kaitou1412
  2. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! :)

  3. Shocked? :o what do you mean??

  4. Haha thanks! :DD You doing alright? :) school and everything going good too? 8)

  5. Just doing a whole lot of other stuff xD! How've you been!! :DD

  6. No way - you live in Sweden?! :P

  7. Hahaha xD that gotta suck... but hey i g2g now.. ttyl :))

  8. haha then how are your parents ok with keeping all these cats? xDD

  9. Oh wow one of those, eh? x'D and damn, you really seem to like cats.. is your whole family also really into cats? :DD

  10. Hahaha true XD but with pet names, anything is possible.. O_O (as in, guyish name for girl cats and so forth.. haha xD)

  11. I'm sorry for your loss... TT_TT

  12. Oh no! D: honestly!! That's so sad... It must have been hard for you!! :(

  13. Oh haha xD kind of thought so.. :P

  14. Oh wow, so pretty names! :DD Are they all female cats? O_O

  15. Oh wow! :D what are they called?? I hope she's alright! She might come back though - cats are territorial so they tend to return to their "familiar" place/a place where they get food xD

  16. No, but I'd like one! :) You? ^^

  17. Neko-kun it is :DDDDDD hehe

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