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  1. I'm doing good. Just got home.

  2. How are ya doing this cold morning?

  3. Nothing much just doin this and that, what about you?

  4. hello there, thanks for adding me as a friend

  5. ..........WRITER'S BLOCK......I hate it when I get that.

  6. you may have to actually download it to your computer, sometimes the site won't play movies

  7. I wish it was, it but between school and home work hard to find time to sit down and just work on the story. I could set aside my main story project and let do a quick MitsuAi fic, but just need to know what rating and what kind of content you want in it.

  8. note that I'm making two versions of it.....one rating T, the other....well M....right now I'm doing the longer of the two versions [M] then just edit it for a shorter teen rating.

  9. given what its with all you'd have to do is download the corresponding messenger [i.e. Yahoo email, yahoo messenger, Hotmail would be windows Live.

  10. do you have Email or messenger? I can send it via that.

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