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    You should note that DC anime is 50% AO. Besides, producers can change the schedule. For example, the Ran girl & Shinichi Boy case is not aired yet.
  2. Shinichi and Ran were cloned from Kaito (Kid) and Aoko in Magic Kaito which was written earlier in Gosho's career. In that work, Kaito and Aoko were protagonist but Magic Kaito's plot is much simpler than DC and because Kaito and Aoko are adults, they interacted way more than Shinichi (who is a kid now) and Ran although Aoko is also nothing more than Kaito's love interest. Therefore, the irrelevance of Aoko is not as serious as Ran who is now overshadowed by plot-related characters such as Ai, Masumi, Shuiichi, Rei and even the DBs.
  3. Waste of potential is also a serious problem for many character in DC, especially Ai who now becomes more and more a babysitter. You can say that Ai doesn't figure out Subaru's identity is identical to the case Ran doesn't figure out Conan's identity. The problem is that more involvement of Ai = DC ends faster. It's a pity.
  4. I am not against Ran being written better. I just have no idea about what Gosho should do to address the problem because fans have discussed these issues for several years but the solution from Gosho is still nowhere. Some flashbacks with Shinichi don't help. And I don't focus on Ran's flaws to not like her. I like a character because how entertaining that character is. I like Kogorou despite his massive flaws. Meanwhile, Ran may has fewer flaws than many character but she fails to entertain me (and other fans). That may be biased but personal taste cannot be judged by only pure logical reasons. I'm sorry about that.
  5. Maybe if Ran is more involved in the plot, that will not harm Conan solving filler cases. But before that, Gosho has to do a long build-up for Ran to involve (for example, the relation of Vermouth). The series has enough characters that are directly involved in the plot but being inactive as well. Haibara is the most obvious example. Although she is involved in Rum identity and the case of Haneda Kohji (and Asaka), she is not active like in 500 chapters ago and now everyone expect her to figure out Subaru and she is not allowed to do that yet, too critical for the plot. I think Gosho cares more about these character rather than Ran who involves in the plot through a proxy (Shinichi). And with many characters like that, Gosho can't help ignoring Ran to focus on Sera, Amuro, Akai, Mary. The problem is now worsened with many new suspicious characters introduced recently, and will take spotlight soon.
  6. Gosho's favorite character is Conan, and his favorite characters that he wants to say what Conan doesn't say is Kogorou and Haibara. He said that in some SDB. I haven't heard that Gosho's favorite character is Ran. Even if Ran is indeed Gosho's favorite, Ran is created so that Conan can stay at Mori's agency and solve filler cases. Therefore, Ran should be restricted so that Conan can still solve filler cases and Gosho can pad the story as long as possible. For example, Ran cannot figure out Conan's identity now, that will change the formula or the manga. Ran cannot have any male friends to hang out now (not boyfriend) because she is supposed to be solely for Shinichi. Ran cannot remember that she has met Sera 10 years ago now because this and that. Gosho will address these issue but not now and when the story is dragging out, Ran cannot do anything yet.
  7. He even doesn't have to be around other detectives, sometimes he solves cases publicly like in the first case with Haneda Shuukichi and Kawanakajima case and these cases happen more and more. Poor Kogoro.
  8. We all know that Gosho will let ShinRan happened all the way because Gosho (and his generation) loves traditional girls who will wait for their lovers to death and listen to everything our heroes say, not heroine type who will fight and help heroes to death. But in fiction, reader are supposed to be entertained and in term of romance, Gosho fails completely with key characters (ShinRan/ HeiKaz/KidAoko). Their love are so safe and they all know each other from their childhood, which is so repetitive. We all know that they will end up with each other. And I don't even know why a confession is so important for such couples who spend their whole time with each other. Most cases, I just see Kazuha and Heiji go with each other without a reason. Is Kazuha supposed to be free whenever Heiji go to Tokyo for cases???? Their romance is boring, they don't interact with each other enough to see the dynamic of their emotion. Their biggest obstacles is about their ego and shy personality which is very easy to get over if they truly love each other. The love story of Sato and Takagi is the only successful love story of Gosho because they have natural evolution and is way more mature and entertaining, not like out stubborn main characters who stuck for too long. I love that Conan doesn't treat Haibara as a lover. They have friendship, mutual understanding, sympathy, blood, tears and a lot more. They are interdependent on each other, unlike Ran way dependent too much on Shinichi. Their relationship is so splendid and way more interesting than Gosho's childhood love. Still wait for an awesome character to make a couple with Shiho though.
  9. She appear too much but she is so boring most of the time, and useless during most cases. Every cases. I nearly forget her existence. Even Ayumi is more useful than her and in some aspects, braver than her. She solved one case though. And I hate it when every openings and endings are about her doing something cheesy with Shinichi and in most movies she has to be the "damsel in distress" screaming "Shinichi" which is so annoying. In recent movie 20, the scene she screaming "Shinichi" with tears doesn't appear in the actual movie, which is good. I don't even know why she have to appear in the poster when her screen time is no more than 5 minutes, even less than Megure. And I hate her fans when someone criticize Ran Mouri, they will assume that he/she is an Ai's fan and bash Ai, which is so childish. In the whole show, Ran is the only character that shows regression in personality. She is a lot more hot-headed in old files but now she is such a boring mother-type character and is very unreal. Fictional characters are not supposed to be so realistic but Ran's personality is very shallow and she is no more than a mere plot device. Her stupidity peaked when she gave up her Karate when the culprit nearly kill her just because of a fortune paper in Tori case. The problem is not severe if she is not supposed to be the female lead but is overshadowed by AI, Yukiko, Eri, Vermouth, Sato who are far interesting than her.
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