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  1. Sera masumi . She is the perfect one for shinichi , she has the most potential. She was forshadow by sonoko to being a POWERFULL love rival to ran and if we look at sera ,she trully is powerful. She just fits with shinichi so much more then either haibara or ran, with the added bonus of having all that ran has and more ,she likes the things shinichi likes(like in the mystery train they both iterested in the deduction Quiz,also in blush mermaid when she talkes about holmes. .) , both of them are detectives , and that is what I wanted for shinichi ,he always seems more alive with people who understands him ,with people that share his passion (like heiji). Being a detective is not just a job for him ,it is huge part of his personality , or thats the way I see it ,so if he falls for someone that liked that about him but can never share it with him ,can never understand it,then he fell for someone that will never understands him completely at least,because ran understands shinichi but it is an understanding that comes from growing up together, and in the end I forsee that after they end up together(if they do ) they will break up in the end ,because ran just don't get it. Like on chapter 1 ,how she gets annoyed with him because he was talking about holmes, it's like they have no mutal interests, no wonder when heji first appeared he asked about if shinichi talked to ran about herself ,the answer was no ,he only talked about himself ,they said it's because he was near but really even if he knew every thing about her life he should miss talking to her as shinichi but he didn't because in the first place they have nothing in commen, they work as friends ,close friends even but not as a romantic couple. Also ran is nice ,sweet and beautiful But she has no depth, sometimes shinichi becomes shallow for liking her because there is no unique reason for it ,her personality is cute but still,they have no commen interest beside there childhood friendship, and what's more it appears he liked her since the start which makes the sweet part about how them growing up made them like each other not true ,he met her ,then liked her ,without any reason behind it ,I would think it ok if she done something nice to him or anything . Sometimes I wonder if ran was not so pretty will shinichi like her??I don't know ,because her looks seems like a huge part in why he likes her. With haibara it's deeper then that ,it's more beautiful even , I would have said haibara was the best one for him if not for the fact that she needs to remain as haibara ,I want her to have something that is more important then a love interest,I want her to have a life that is better ,where trusting people comes easy ,where laughter Is the norm,I think that is why people prefer haibara to ran ,because disbite all that she went through she remained strong and did not break down even though she should by now ,while ran cries and pity herself because her childhood friend is working on case ,while he calls her repeatedly ,she seems silly in comparison and with that people still call her strong! Sera a have far more chemistry with shinichi then haibara does though ,I won't feel bad if he end up with either of them .,but I like him with sera better because she is more like him , and I see that shinichi admires her even though she is not a better detective he still admires her for something that has little to do with her looks and that is refreshing ,also I love how there relationship progressed from not standing her to behaving with her in way that sonoko discribes as the same way he behaves with heiji ,its cute ,and I like her personality. So sera by tricking him in her first apearance became the Irene edler of dc while haibara is his Watson lol Just so you know ,used to be a huge shinran fan ,not anymore though ,it's became boring (maybe always was ? )
  2. Mmmm , well ,aside from the fact that shinichi seems to "like" ran , I don't (used to be huge shinran fan) like them anymore ,they have things in commen I'm not saying they don't it's just that with ran shinichi can never share the most beloved thing to him , being a detective, I would say it could work but it won't ,because ran (to me at least) gets all annoyed when he talks to her about things that he loves! And I find that irritating, because that IS shinichi ,plus shinichi will always treat ran like a kid ,I used think it's because he loves her too much , but a love without trust will only cause problems, also I feel like their love is shallow ,yes ,I KNOW that they are childhood friends,but still sometimes I wonder if ran wasn't so good looking will shinichi love her? I don't know. I guess I want shinichi to love someone that understand his passion, not just admire him for it ,I want him to love someone that he can trust with his life (ran CAN be trusted with a life ,but shinichi disagree with me humph) I don't want him to love a girl because she cries a lot and is pretty and is nice and I guess I don't understand WHAT they see in each other, should they fall in love simply because they are both perfect(ish) and knew each other when they were children? I'm not saying that shinichi should end up with haibara but that I prefer her then ran , he at the very least seems to trust her , and they actually have mutual interests . (Though I got to admit prefer him with masumi ,soon cute)
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