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  1. She is one of Yukiko's Friend, despite Yusaku Kudo is a novelist and close to Police (at one episode he said he have friend in the Interpol). During New York's case, she was saved by Ran and Shinichi, and only because of that she refuse to reveal conan and haibara's identity to the organisation. She wouldn't be die even if Ran didn't hold her hand because its only about 3 meters. So she wouldn't be "so thankfully" to them. (i've seen conan crazy jump during movie 18, and he's fine) In several episode, she keep saying that conan "might be their silver bullet", despite the danger she knows, she is so calm and not showing any caution. In the episode where BO plan to kill a congressman (is it?), he have suspicious feel about whether Mizunashi Rena or Kir is a secret agent (NOC or Non-Official Cover), despite her suspicion toward Kir, she didn't investigate more about Kir. Despite she is Boss favourite, Gin sometimes show his hate toward Vermouth. Somehow Gin hate all the secret agent that infiltrated the organisation like Bourbon, Akai Shuichi (not sure if he only hate after akai busted).
  2. In the anime where BO sniping on Kogoro Mouri because of the bug they found. why didn't Akai Shuichi shot Gin to death?
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