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  1. Hey, are anyone knows about Detective Conan Movie 20? are you guys know when it released at Indonesia (Jakarta)???

    1. Heliotropic


      No confirmed release dates yet that I know of, but if it's like last year, sometime around July I guess?

  2. HEY!! i'm a new member here i would like to introduce my self. I'm a girl, grade 9th JHS. I like Detective Conan because my dad and my mom acquaint it to me and my brother and my sister, and then all of my Family like it haha I'm starting to like Det. Conan Movie when i was at Elementary School at grade 5 I'm from Indonesia, exactly Jakarta. I hope you'll be my friend here, cause my friends who like Detective Conan didnt make any account here I hope you will be my friends! mrs. Shinichi Kuroba Hattori
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