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  1. She's kinda boring. There's nothing really unique about her, which is pretty bad thing considering that she's main female lead. And even in terms of similar characters she's behind. Like for example Kazuha is atleast funny at times and her love moments with Heiji are cute. With Sera on the scene her only uniqueness which was this strong tomboy girl is gone. Now do I hate her? No. I just don't find her interesting enough in any sense. As people said, she has few good moments, but overall she's just plain. What I hate tho is her movie appearances. Those are ridiculously bad. But let's not go in there.
  2. Zerathus

    Conan x Ai

    I just don't see why would she want to relive her childhood. Yes, I understand that she had pretty fucked up childhood and suffered alot of traumas. But why would she want to relive her childhood again. To have it the proper way this time around? Is that even something that she desires? Not to mention that I would assume that she would want to redeem herself somehow. After all she worked for BO. I can see a scenario where after Boss is caught she assists with getting rest of BO under arrest. I can't see her do it in her child form. But at the end of the day most of my points are based on my subjectional view. I just don't want her to stay as a child. But I admit it is a strong possibility that she stays a child.
  3. Zerathus

    Conan x Ai

    The main romances are all pretty much the same. Childhood friends who can't properly express their feelings. A little variety wouldn't hurt in my opinion. I like her character, but I would be okay with her dying. I mean somebody IS gonna die at the end. It usually is the case. Haibara is one of the top contenders. If she stays a child she'll most likely end up with Mitsuhiko. And I still don't like the idea of her staying as a child. At all.
  4. Zerathus

    Conan x Ai

    I would LOVE to see Haibara x Conan. Buuuuut I don't think it's gonna hapen. The relationship is at standstill. There was no significant development in ages. Meanwhile Ran x Shinichi gets developed every 10 or so chapters. At this point the chances are slim to none. Which is unfortunate because for once I would like to see something else than childhood friends becoming a couple ( Heiji X Kazuha / Kaito X Aoko, do we really need 3 childhood pairs?) I see it like this Dream scenario: Haibara x Conan (chances are slim) It may happen if: Ran dies (impossible), Ran stops loving Shinichi (pretty much impossible at this point), Shinichi stays kid because APTX can't be reversed (higly improbable and could be considered a spit in fans faces), Conan/Shinichi has change of heart (too late for that, we are 950 chapters in and no change of heart occured or was even implied). Conan obviously feels something towards Haibara. It may even be slight affection as he blushed while Ran assumed that he likes Haibara. But I think it's more of a protection bond. He failed to save her sister so he guards her. Okay scenario: Haibara either dies or stays single (basically becomes female Agasa, partners with Shinichi ?). I would be okay with this. Her dying is something that I could see. Sacrificing herself for Conan may be one of the options. Her staying alone I could also see. She could parter with Shinichi as his lab expert. Worst scenario: Haibara stays a child and ends up with Mitsuhiko I am not okay with this at all. Some people seem to like this ship. I find it atrocious. While I can see why some people would assume that the ship is good (Mitsuhiko is smart and caring) I still don't like. At all. First of all we have the fact that it's basically 18 year old woman and a child. Second I don't think Haibara is gonna stay in her kid form. I just don't see it. She's strong and independant. While she's a child she depends on too many people. Reliving bad childhood to be happy just doesn't seem like her character at all. And if this ship does happen I will be so pissed I'll probably end up writing pretty angry fan mail and sending it to Gosho. PS. Even if Haibara x Conan won't happen I want to see them have a case as adults before the show ends. Maybe infiltrating some party or something like that. I want to see their chemistry as adults and all kinds of funny/interesting situations that could occur. Make it so Gosho!
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