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  1. Hey you guys. You don't need to block me, okay. Please don't block me. REMEMBER THE RULES!! DO NOT REPORT ME! DO NOT BLOCK ME! AND DO NOT GETTING ANGRY AT ME, GOT IT!!!!

  2. Everyone, don't block me at Detective Conan Wiki. Where are discussion, edit, history, plus, watch and move tabs? Can everyone hear me?

  3. Who wants to follow me. Anyone. I said who wants to follow me at this time.

  4. Hello. Everyone, where are you?

  5. Good afternoon everyone! I'm here about maintenance mode. It's a state.

  6. My account was locked becuase someone has the power to fix it. That should be me.

  7. Excuse me, Cheknov MacGuffin. Did you block me?

  8. Everyone, my login don't work.

  9. Who are the female killers from these episodes? Name them.

    1. Akazora
    2. arrimasarrington1992


      Do you remember on this Cinemorgue Wikia? Akazora?

    3. Akazora


      I don't mean any offense by this, but I have no idea what you're talking about right now.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!

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