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  1. How come there's still no article for Shukichi and Yumi's relationship although in both the anime and the manga, they've been shown and now in the latest files, they grow so fast and it really makes me wonder Sorry for the lame topic btw
  2. All genres? Shounen, School-Life, Romance, what else?
  3. Thanks for the info :D I'm dying to find one because they call me The-DC-Fan-that-has-no-collection LOL Anyways, it's really useful thanks again :D
  4. Hello Welcooooooome. I'm kinda new here too but not new whhen it comes to DC and MK I know a few things but I'm a newbie here, Being a member here Enjoy:)
  5. I just want to ask, where can I buy Detective Conan/Magic Kaito collectibles here in the philippines? I mean, yes, we have a comic alley nearby but, they are always out of stock with Detective Conan stuffs. I want figurines :*( Seriously, I need a Kaitou Kid figurine or anything that's involved with Kaitou Kid. Where can I buy it? For what price? Which area?
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