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  1. its not that i hate ran or anything sometimes i wish she develop more as a character rather than always waiting for shinichi. she can so much more but gosho will not let her. I just get annoyed when she says things like if shinichi were here he would sole this case easy. i just find the the whole first love ur true love thing unrealistic but everyone has there own opinions
  2. before he shrunk what did they really talk about thats why i like AixConan better because there was real development ranxshin just have a lot of sappy scenes and there was no real devlopment. I not saying that they have not gone through hardships together and have gotten closer becasue of it just that i feel like there whole relationship is just forced. Ran is a great character she has made impacts on other people lives despite what some fans say. I just got annoyed that she was willing to change herself completely just because what a slip of paper said in the fortune telling case. I not bashing anything its just that I can not see them having a lasting relationship. With Ai Shinichi can be more of himself and just as close to her with a girl he has know for a couple months rather than a girl he has know all of his life.
  3. I feel Ai is better off with Shinichi because the have a lot in common and have great chemistry
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