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    Conan Dancing?

    "Para para dancing?" That's interesting! I haven't heard of it before, but when I asked my Japanese friend about it, she told me all about it. Now it's not AS awkward to watch anymore, haha.
  2. zowo101

    Conan Dancing?

    Why is it that Conan dances in the opening song "Love Is Thrill, Shock, Suspense"? Plus he keeps such a serious face the entire time! I still don't get it...
  3. zowo101

    Attack the Member above you?

    Gomu gomu no pistol!!! (One Piece)
  4. At times, Detective Conan can get really scary. I was just wondering if younger kids should or shouldn't watch it? O_o
  5. zowo101

    Describe Shinichi in one word!!!

    He's a mastermind!!!!
  6. zowo101

    Describe Shinichi in one word!!!

    Just wondering what everyone is thinking about Shinichi and his personality.