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  1. Happy late birthday >\\\\\\\\\< I'm sorry Hi this is bunny I hope we can be friends one day -//////- ok bunny out

  2. Happy birthday :]

  3. Happy Birthday!! :D Have an AWESOME one and enjoy it!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! :D Please come back online!!

  5. happy birthday...!!! more birthdays to come...!!! :D

  6. RiyomaruK

    Forum installed and set up!

    Yeah I hope its make more DC fans to join this forum. Good job.
  7. RiyomaruK

    Episode links submission update

    I always got message "This video has been removed due infringement" for video wich submitted on Megavideo T_T
  8. RiyomaruK

    Avatars enabled!

    Yeah its work even I never post before. Same with signature. Thanks for admin.
  9. RiyomaruK

    New website design and platform!

    Yeah this forum and the watch page look great either. Thanks for update XD