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  1. I am off for today.... might as well draw somethin now :)

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    2. anonymously anonymous

      anonymously anonymous

      I agree with Kenzi, photoshop is awesome and works for almost everything. Although I never used it for drawings but I am sure it works well.

      and yes it's 'kinda' :P (me too XP)

    3. Kenzi


      I don't have a tablet so I wasn't able to invest much time into drawing with Photoshop.

      Gimp is too clunky in my opinion. I never learned how to use it, and I probably never will.

      Yeah, "kinda," ehehe..

      Why not get a DeviantART account though?

    4. Kirsch


      My parents have already noticed my addiction to the Internet. Asking for a dA account might be pushing it >.<

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