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  1. I prefer to watch it in mute and make up my own stories.
  2. Seriously? You think not having someone arrested because they "won't commit another crime" is a good idea?!?! Also, Kudo doesn't have to care about extenuating circumstances. You used the key word but are completely ignoring its meaning. Kudo isn't a jury. His job is to reveal the truth, and that's it. Kudo doesn't decide whether or not whatever happened was right or wrong (although he often does chime in on this, spoiler alert: murdering is bad), he doesn't arrest people, he doesn't try people, he doesn't convict people. It's up to the police and DA (or whatever Japan's equivalent is) to determine if someone is in the wrong and should be arrested. Then it's up the jury to decide whether or not this person should be convicted.
  3. Haibara! If I only I had a couple of APTX4869s, if you know what I mean.
  4. Was the episode subbed by XCHKS (Xevious Crappy Hong Kong Subs Conan)? Those aren't actually fansubs. They're bootlegs translated from Japanese -> Chinese -> English. These "subbers" typically don't even know English, and just use something like Google Translate on the Chinese. The timing is bad because it's a bootleg and they don't care.
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