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  1. Hi Guys, sorry if this question have been asked before, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so.... Where do you guys read the manga? I've been going to batoto, but it's closed down now. and I can't find a dedicated translation group too. Please help me find somewhere to read the manga online. I've been pausing in reading the manga and I want to catch up. Thank you!!
  2. That's okay, s-b1119. Yeah, I really want to learn Japanese, but i just haven't got the chance Yeah, i have search through google and nothing came up.. I did try to download from those sites, but they have watermark in their video, and that's, you know, disturbing..
  3. no, unfortunately i'm not.. well, no, actually.. I want to complete my DC movie collection, in HD. I already have all of the movies, but the ones i mentioned above (movie 4, 5, 7, and 11) that I have are in SD. I have been searching for HD version of every movie that i need, but i can't find any legit download (bad torrents, etc.), and then i encountered this Raw download and all of the movies in it are in HD and the torrent is good. Now, i have the all of the movies in HD but i need the English subs, and that's what i'm asking here
  4. Does anyone happen to know where i can found an .ass file for English subtitle for the movies? Or maybe anyone here happen to own the subtitles (and willing to share)? I particularly need subtitle for movie 4, 5, 7 and 11 I have some HD raws and i want to add subtitles to them but i have been searching and still can't find any.. I actually already have all of the hard-subtitled movies but I only have the SD version of the mentioned movies above and I want to collect the HDs
  5. hey guys, can you please tell me all of ShinRan episode? i wanna rewatch all of them thank you so much in advance!! :D
  6. SAME HERE!! well, i can't vote. but i will always vote for ShinRan! before seeing all of the talking about ai and conan, i, somehow, never realize that ai has a crush on conan i just keep assuming that she is just admiring him or something...
  7. especially the one that play in romantic scenes
  8. hey, guys! do you remember an episode (or maybe a movie?) where ayumi told ran that conan has a crush on her?
  9. anyone knows whether english translation is available yet?
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