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About me

I've been into Detective Conan for many, many years now. By many I mean very many. I find that Shinichi is my favorite character, despite how many there are to choose from. I believe my next favorites are Ran, and then Mitsuhiko.

I am as hardcore for Shinichi/Conan x Ran as ever possible, and sail all the canon ships. I'm very open to chatting about the plot, characters, as well as the canon pairings...Though I do apologize to those that ship it, I am adamantly against Conan/Ai or Conan/Ayumi. I'd do nothing to offend others in their like of the pairings, but I despise pointless arguing over them.

I'm not very good at these introduction things. Hmmmm. My favorite color is red, I prefer to remain indoors playing video games, drawing, or otherwise spending time on the computer. I love to read, write and rp. You're welcome to message me or chat any time, I'm very open.

Okay, have a insightful day~

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