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  1. I only remembered the last part where I was chased by a woodcutter with a chainsaw (weird) :mellow:

    luckily I've to spot a department store and entered there safely (weirder) :blink:

    and the weirdest of all, it happened in the forest--> well, the reason I was chased was because I threatened them that I would bust them to the authority for illegal logging <_<:lol:


  2. Hello po sa mga bAgong member! Mugiwara,JayElle,xxShinichixx,Tooru Amuro!Pilipino rin si Rye! XDHala! Crush ko agad yung avatar ni Mugiwara! :"> :wub: gwapo ni Shinichi >.<oi RAR! yung si Shinichi yung crush ko ha! XDuy Erza! <3 musta?Kamusta Patronus?! Lahat kau musta? (nagkakausap pa naman kami ni conankoibito at ni Monsi sa fb)


    Akala ko nga banyaga yang si Mugiwara :lol:

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