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  1. thinking if tomorrow's celebration's gonna be a success :unsure: -->really nervous now...hope they will like it.

    Advance HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all daddy, pop, papa, tatay, otou-san, vader, baba, abba, ba, bapa, tata, otec, patri, ta, buwa, pater, babbo, ate, pai, papi, athair all over the world... :wub: :grin:

  2. In my opinion, people who discriminate homo are even disgusting...they make it appear as though homos have fatal disease and needs to be isolated from the society. To be honest, I find homos comfortable to be with cause they are sensitive and can understand other's feelings better than those who are "normal". I have friends who are homo so I'm supporting this thread to strengthen the continued opposition.

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  3. totally agree......but yeah, now that I only got a limited time I don't know if I could get a right timing. :unsure: Don't worry someday you could think of solutions for that problem and as for me I will always be here to continue supporting DCW. ^_^

  4. I suggest not to make the crime scenes look realllllyyyy real like rizzoli and isles cause it gives me nightmares. :unsure: It's just a suggestion though, but I really like the idea of making it like an adventure game, sounds interesting... just hearing the plans makes me wanna play already ^_^ ---> Please inform us when its out ;) Good Luck. :D

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