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  1. herroooo cindy =3

  2. Go Cindy, bribe those teachers! XD

  3. I just preordered Diablo 3. And saw the new Fairy Tail so tiz dandy. How about the great Cindy- Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen xD

  4. Try to get her to throw in a mall pretzel too

  5. try hot fries =3

  6. happy late birthday XDXDXD


  7. oo yay me too =3

    i like sour liquorice like candy =3, choco peanuts and strawberrys, and corn chips xD

  8. how about sour candy =3

  9. Suika

    I love you, and would like a taco <3 xD

  10. That's ok, so long as you like muffins. =3 XDXDXD

  11. Kogoro is like my dad, cept my dad is less stupid xD. My mom might be like Eri Kisaki. My brother would be Kaitou Kid. My sister would be Sumiko Kobayashi. My personality is a lot like Ai, but I look most similar to Shinichi lol. Don't know if you mean to plug in your family to the world, or pick a family your family is most like and plug. There is no family in that show even close to mine, so I just made a family up xD.
  12. World would end. Too many deaths XD. I would prob be one of those guys without an alibi, who ends up a suspect. Then ends up being innocent after almost going to jail because the detective is a total moron and accuses me instantly for no reason. XDXDXDXD
  13. Surrender your cuteness to I. The Lord of Pie!

    I rhyme like a leprechaun XD

  14. I don't believe that you can fail to portray a character, because on my experience, I have met people in reality very much like Ran. She is just portrayed as your ordinary girl, crybaby XD. Besides, she kinda has a right to be that way since the guy she likes has been missing for months. I don't really read too much into character development in general because if the author wanted them to be any other way, then they would of just made them that way to begin with. Sometimes her personality actually influences cases as well, so there could be a deeper meaning into her being the way she is. All together I find it impossible to think of a char as annoying so long as they don't have an irritating voice or insanely ugly. Without having false facts, it is impossible to write a story incorrectly. Just go with the flow XD.
  15. Cute! XD I like her chibi, serious cuteness =3.
  16. Earring Phone. That is probably the most useful thing in my case XD. My second pick is prob the shoes.
  17. "hug" I love your Haruhi. So cute!!! XD

  18. Nothing particularly surprising 1. Video Games 2. Anime 3. Food 4. Sleep 5. Random Youtube Video Watching 6. Posting Here not in any particular order but I do spend more of my time with video games than any other.
  19. super merry christmas belated xD

  20. Suika

    Martial Arts

    Whatever you want to fight with usually determines what you learn. Some people just go to the nearest martial art school no matter what it is. just to learn something. In the end it doesn't matter because it's self defense all the same =3. Only so many ways to throw a punch or kick xD.
  21. Suika

    I wish...

    I Wish, I wish upon a fish that AiLove's wish doesn't come true =3.
  22. Me and my Dad only see each other in the kitchen, but he doesn't really care what I do. He even said I could invite people to lose my virganity in my room if I want xD. He liked Dragonball Z and I might show him Hellsing next =3. My mom is racist beyond belief, so she doesn't like it. But I don't live with my mom XD.
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