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  1. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Post around and have fun!

  2. Hi! Welcome to DCW! I hope you enjoy your stay here! Post around and have fun!

  3. I'm sure nakita mo na ung signature ko.

    Un din kasi ang comment ni Cammy3131

  4. Ok talaga itong napili kong pangalan!

    Nakakatawa at nakakalito.

  5. Good afternoon, Kid-sama!

  6. Doing fine. Doing really well...I think.

    And you?

  7. Have to admit that I haven't watched them or any other movies lately.

    I don't know why, but I don't really watch movies, tv shows...

    Oh yeah, it's coz I only watch animes. :P

  8. Aside from DC? Not many. And I'm still catching up on episodes.

    Really, all my time is spent on studying. But wait, is it summer there?

  9. Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

    And by the way, could you please check out the poem i posted in my status?

  10. Hey thanks, Kid-kun. You're like an older brother to me, though you're younger. (Hmm, maybe that means I'm too immature?)

    So anyway, I'll have to sign out for now. Gotta study for that psychology exam. And enjoy your summer. Really. Bye!

  11. Want an honest review?

    Well, the concept's great, but the vid needs lots of work. Timing is crucial. And feel free to use pics of Akako if you run out of clips and intersperse them between clips of Kaito and Hakuba. Most of all, don't give up until you're completely satisfied with it, for unless you are, no one else will be.


  12. Hi! I'm fine, thank you. And about the exam...my teacher didn't show up. LOL.

    How are you, Kid-kun?

  13. Don't know why. It happens all the time.

  14. Hi Ekko! Welcome to DCW! I hope you have fun here!

  15. Hi ate P-charm! May napansin lang ako. Parang dalawang "L" ata ang officially. May typo ka ata sa palayaw mo

  16. Hi, Kudo-kun! How was your math exam?

  17. Hi there and thanks for the add.

    If you're feeling lonely, talk to us anytime.

    (Especially to Kid the Phantom Thief)


  18. Ok. At kung gusto mong magTagalog, kausapin mo lang kami ni conankoibito, Patronus Charm, Moonlight Magician, etc...

  19. I'm glad you liked my poem. Oh, you can't write poetry, Chelsea-chan?

    Well, I CANNOT DRAW.


  20. I GIVE UP!!!

    Hey, I saw your comment on that story Trapped in Our World. Think we can help the author out?

  21. Okay, I'll try. But it will have to be AU and totally weird/insane.

  22. But first, what time is it now?

    I'll check it maybe this afternoon. AFTER YOU, KID-KUN. (which probably means never)

    Where exactly will you post it?

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