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  1. Hi! Welcome to DCW! By the way, Ganymede is a character from mythology, right? And also one of Jupiter's moons. COol.

  2. Gud pm din po.

    (wow, sarap mag-Tagalog) XD

  3. Hmm....

    Call me Amaranth

    (Ok, fine, obvious naman na cya pangalan ng pinoy)

    But still...cute cya, db?

  4. D q cya totoong pangalan.

    D q lang gusto ung totoo qng pangalan

  5. Alam nyo guys, since ang daming mga pinoy d2, dapat cguro magtayo tau ng all-pinoy club. Naisip q lang

  6. :)

    Kmsta naman pag-aaral mo?

  7. :P

    Uy, okay ung suggestion ni conankoibito.


  8. Swerte q. Lapit ng bahay q sa SM.

    But wait, anu bang gusto mong itawag q sa u?

  9. Ewan.

    D aq pwede kasi medyo busy ako ngaun.

    Ang hirap kaya ng college!

  10. Ok thanks. How's your summer vacation?

  11. I'm fine.

    Just getting used to this site

    And making new friends...

  12. wla aqng pasok pag monday

    pero may saturday class aq

    And what's wrong with Master M? He's a magician, too

  13. hi nice to meet you.

    You're from the philippines too, right?

  14. Ok, i watched the vid. And it's clearly not finished. Hope you finish it soon.

    Too bad there aren't enough clips of akako available.

    And maybe you could use the episode where hakuba appears in a showdown with heiji and the other detectives. Good luck!

  15. Hi, could you please check out the poem i posted in my profile. Just want to know your opinion about it


  16. Hi, shiho-chan!

    Welcome to DCW (Well, maybe I shouldn't be welcoming you coz I'm pretty new myself)

    Anyway, how are you doing?

  17. Hello Master M! Kumusta ung pinaplano ninyong club?

  18. Hi, Cam-chan! Could you please check out the poem I posted in my profile? I just want to know how you think about it.

  19. Hi, Kudo-kun! What's up?

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