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  1. Right We rock! We rock!

    I think we should form a club here or something.

  2. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope ya have lots and lots of fun here!

  3. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Have fun here and make lots of friends, okay?

  4. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope you enjoy it here!

  5. Hi there! Welcome to DCW!

  6. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope you have a wonderful time here!

  7. Hi! Welcome to DCW!

    Enjoy your stay here!

  8. And by the way, I do hope you're friendly as.........'somebody'

    Nice to meet you.

  9. Oh...

    Anyway, I think I should disappear right now.

    Hey wait, I'm already nobody.

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. whoaw, jovan-chan. You're so active!

    Keep it up!

  12. Hi. Thanks for the review. I'm on Haibara's side. The stories I write are about Shinichi, Kaito, and Heiji--(coz I don't want to be part of the AiCon/ShinRan debate)--but there is one which involves some Haibara stuff, too.

  13. You haven't read any Conan the Cat fics, Kid-kun? I know of one where Conan, Heiji, and I think Kaito became cats. LOL

  14. Hi from Fanfiction.net!

    Those Conan the Cat fics are weird. I think Black Phantom started the trend, not sure.

    And now eveyone's imitating Chelsea's Into the World of DC. *Sigh*

  15. Hi Cam-chan! What's up?

  16. I'm doin fine--balancing school work with DC.

  17. I LOVE your stories! (and that's from someone who rarely reads AiCon coz she doesn't want to be part of the debate)

    Say, do you have an account on fanfiction.net?

  18. GOSH! I just read that review/flame you were talking about. It's scary, just like the one I received once. But don't get disappointed!

  19. Yup! Well, I checked that person's story. She seems to be a perfectionist.

  20. So what are your plans now?

  21. LOL. My summer ended when yours began.

  22. Hi. Just wanna know...are you from the Philippines?

  23. What's up? Ok, to be honest, I'm here trying to control myself from logging on all the time simply because...I'm neglecting my stories. Also, i'm contemplating whether or not to post 4 Little Gosho Boys here in DCW. What do you think?

  24. Wow. So should I call you Kuya?

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