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  1. Of course your awesome, almost everyone on my intro page recommended you..


    Of course you are. DCW doesn't feel right when you aren't around.

  2. :D I'm relieved. I should learn to control my temper, though. Guess I was too worried about everyone. *reminds self to stop worrying* Anyway, how are you?
  3. :o Ours is something like Baptist/Charismatic something...our pastor calls it Full Gospel Evangelical...
  4. :o You're really the silent type then. But that's good. At least all your posts are useful, nothing like the crap I've scattered on this site. :P
  5. -_- Mumultuhin kita mamaya...
  6. :P Nagwawalis ako ng bahay,,,este, profile pala
  7. - - -


  8. --drops by--

    Yeah, call me Tol. I love it, Pare!

  9. --wala lang--

    -we are all anonymous beings, anyway- (or at least most of us are)

  10. --whoaw--

    cease-fire daw sila...

    :P Kumusta?

  11. -dead-

    college is killing me

    thesis in particular, is killing me


  12. -Games-


    La pala akong panahon para dun.

  13. ;____________________________________________;



  14. ;________________________;

    I'm enlightened. :P

  15. ;____________;

    So wazzup?

  16. ;_________;

    *stares at blankness in your bio*

  17. ;D

    Ne, I'll be on and off. If I don't reply to some comments or somehow ignore some people, it's cause I'm totally not in the mood to chat this month. :V :V :V

  18. :'(

    I think if you (Lelouch) and Aeyra (Suzaku) join forces, you can force her to stay longer.


    >:( Sai, don't kill our chatroom.

  20. :evil grin:

    Pagpasensyahan mo lang ako ngayon, ha? :P

  21. :evil snicker:

    You leavin now?

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