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Rumi Wakasa

Wakasa Rumi ep 889.png

Japanese name: 若狭留美
(Wakasa Rumi)
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Occupation: Deputy Homeroom Teacher at Teitan Elementary school, Year 1 Class B
First appearance: Manga: File 966
Anime: Episode 889
Appearances: Chapters: 12
Episodes: 2
Movies: 0
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 91
Japanese voice: Fumi Hirano

Rumi Wakasa (若狭留美 Wakasa Rumi?) is the new Deputy Homeroom Teacher at Teitan Elementary school for Year 1 Class B.


[edit] Background

Due to an increase in the number of transfer students to Teitan Elementary school over the past year, they have hired new teachers. Rumi is the new Deputy Homeroom Teacher for Year 1 class B.

[edit] Personality

Her personality seems to be that of a well meaning but really clumsy and incapable teacher. She approached the Detective Boys on the grounds that she is scared of the old warehouse at the school and needed them to come with her. However, once she was out of sight of the Detective Boys, her personality changed dramatically to that of a skilled fighter with a scary face, where she rendered three assailants unconscious with a broom in what could have been seconds.

[edit] Appearance

Her character design is very similar to Terumi Arai, the high school student who is the main protagonist in Tell Me A Lie.


[edit] Abilities

Although not directly seen, it seems that she is a skilled fighter. It is still unknown what style she uses. She has also shown her reasoning and deductive abilities, giving hints to Conan to solve a case.

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Plot overview

Rumi about to attack the robbers.

[edit] The Old Warehouse of Teitan Elementary School (Manga: File 966-968, Anime: 889-890)

Sumiko Kobayashi introduces her class to the new Deputy Homeroom teacher, Rumi Wakasa. She appears to be a clumsy, shy and fearful person. Rumi approaches the Detective Boys for their help retrieving quicklime from the old warehouse in the school yard which causes them to come across a dead body. Over the course of the case Rumi uses her clumsiness to give hints to Conan on how to solve the case. Once she was out of their sight, her personality completely changed and she beat up a few robbers.

[edit] Rumi Wakasa's Neighbor Murder Case (Manga: 978-980, Anime: TBA)

Rumi overhears an argument between her neighbor and his girlfriend, as she was leaving for school, and smiles. Later she accidently destroys a picture that was going to be used for a school play and she says that she will redraw it. Conan and the detective boys accompanied her to help. After they finish, Rumi treats them to dinner. But when they hear loud sounds from the neighbor, they goes over to check it out and finds a dead body and an unconscious man. Later back in Rumi's apartment, Conan finds a receipt that may prove that she knew the case would happen before hand and invited them there on purpose. Later Rumi incapacitates the culprit under the guise of falling over. The news crews outside happen to take a picture and Ayumi gives them Rumi's name. Hyoue Kuroda is shown reading the news article on his phone. Kanenori Wakita is shown reading a newspaper, but the article is not shown to us.

Rumi stunned in silence, can't hear Ayumi.

[edit] Burning Tent Murder Case (Manga: 987-989, Anime: TBA)

Rumi takes the Detective Boys camping. Conan is suspicious of her and thought of strange things that he noticed in her present. When they approach a group cooking curry over a fire near by, one of them mentions that he has an injured eye and nearly had to get a prosthetic eye. Rumi clenches up, and Conan notices her gripping something in her pocket. A little bit later one of the other campers is burned alive inside his own tent. Kuroda emerges from an adjacent tent and asks her whether the police should be called. However Rumi is standing in stunned silence, staring forward. When she snaps back to reality, Haibara seems to notice that Rumi can't see out of her right eye. Conan starts to wonder if Rumi is clumsy on purpose or that she cannot see so she is clumsy. When Kuroda seems to know the order that everyone introduced themselves in, despite originally claiming to have had earplugs in while sleeping. Rumi accuses him of spying on someone. Rumi has the Detective Boys build an acorn balance toy, which leads to the solution of the case. After Conan and Kuroda uncover the culprit, the culprit uses Ayumi as a hostage, Rumi manages to distract him long enough for Kuroda and Yuminaga to arrest him. Kuroda showed interest in the intimidating words that Rumi used to distract him, in the other hand, Conan becomes more suspicious and Rumi, and notices a strange object in her backpocket that has a shape similiar to that of a Shogi piece.

Rumi with scars and atpx list.

[edit] Kyoto School Trip Case (Manga: 1005, Anime: TBA)

At the end of the case, news of Shinichi being one of the detectives that had solved the case spread to the internet. Both Hyoue Kuroda and Kanenori Wakita were shown seeing the information on their phones. However, Rumi was shown sitting in the dark looking at the ATPX victims list on her laptop. The names Shinichi Kudo and Kohji Haneda appear to be highlighted. Additionally this is the first time we see her without a shirt on and she has scars on her upper arms as well as her back.

[edit] Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1006-1008, Anime : TBA)

Rumi makes an appearance in this case, asking Haibara about Shinichi and if Haibara has met Shinichi before.

[edit] Speculation

The name "Wakasa Rumi" is suspiciously similar to the dying message "ASAKA RUM" that Kohji Haneda left when he was killed 17 years ago.

[edit] Rumi is not Rum

Rumi is unlikely to be Rum because the Black Organization has no motive to allow someone to use a name which draws attention to "Rum" and the Kohji Haneda case of 17 years ago. There is no apparent benefit the Black Organization would gain from publicly flaunting the names "Asaka" or "Rum", which can be linked to Kohji's murder. The Black Organization appears to want to cover up anything related to Rum and Asaka since they have sent Vermouth and Amuro to investigate possible references to it, and someone with significant reach is actively scrubbing the internet of information from the past murder case. It would also not make sense for the vital number two of the Organization to flaunt their identity where FBI agents have worked previously and risk being captured. In addition Haibara directly interacted with Rumi, yet Rumi did not appear to recognize Haibara either, instead focusing her attention on Conan.

Rumi's actions, while perhaps intentionally clumsy, do not show she has any vision problems. Most importantly she demonstrated that she has functional peripheral vision on both her left[1] and right[2] sides. This strongly implies both of her eyes are intact because someone with a false eye will lack peripheral vision on one side. However in the latest chapter (988) both Haibara and Conan have a suspicion that Rumi-sensei cannot see through her right eye but there are no signs that its a prosthetic so she might just be blind in her right eye.

While Rumi is feminine and her brawling strength could be mistaken for a healthy man's, she does not seem to have any characteristics that would cause people to mistake her for an old man.

[edit] The item in Rumi's pocket

The item in Rumi's pocket.

Rumi is carrying some item in her pocket which she grabbed tightly when getting intense emotions. In file 1008, a shogi piece that looks like promoted bishop is lying next to her computer, while she reads a blog.

[edit] Relationships analysis

[edit] Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, and the Detective Boys

Rumi is the new Deputy Homeroom teacher for Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, and the Detective Boys' class. She has approached them directly twice to lead them to the warehouse of the school that a robber group had used. Rumi is aware of three of Professor Agasa's gadgets given to the Detective Boys: the flashlight watch, the detective badge, and the tranquilizer dart. Among the Detective Boys, Rumi shows special interest in Conan for unknown reasons. In the old warehouse case , Rumi was only paying attention to Conan and purposelly uses clumsiness in order to give Conan the necessary hints to solve the case. When a murder case occured in her apartment, Conan found a receipt that has that day's morning and noticed she has bought additional plates and mugs. Conan eventually realised the reason behinds his Sensei's actions; Rumi sensed a murder might occur in her apartment and was from the very beginning planning to invite the Detective Boys, especially Conan so he would become involved in the case. It seems Rumi is somehow testing Conan's intelligence and skills for unknown reasons.

[edit] Sumiko Kobayashi

Sumiko Kobayashi is her superior as Homeroom teacher.

[edit] Ryujiro Uematsu

Ryujiro Uematsu is the headmaster of her new school.

[edit] Hyoue Kuroda

Kuroda seems to have some knowledge about her. When he heard that she went camping with the Detective Boys, he comments that camping was something that she wouldn't do.

[edit] Kohji Haneda ??

When Kuroda is investigating the Case from 17 years ago, he is making a connection between her and Kohji Haneda; suspecting that there is a mysterious relationship between the two. During the burning tent murder case, Rumi became stunned when she heard one of the suspects mentions "prosthetic eye". At the end of the case , Conan notices a strange object in her backpocket whose shape ressembles that of a Shogi piece, hinting that Rumi might be related to Kohji Haneda's Case as Kuroda suspected.

[edit] Name origin

Most likely her name is meant to resemble "ASAKA RUM", the code from Kohji Haneda's death from 17 years ago, with the addition of a W and an I.

[edit] In other languages

[edit] See also

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