Rumania montevideo

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Rumania montevideo


Japanese name: ルーマニア・モンテビデオ
Date of creation: 1999
Origin: Japan
Genres: J-pop
Years active: 1999-2002
Labels: GIZA Studio

Rumania montevideo (ルーマニア・モンテビデオ Rūmania Montebideo) with an alias named Montebi (モンテビ Montebi) was a Japanese pop band from 1999 to 2002 under GIZA Studio. The band started in 1998 with the Miyoshi siblings wanted to start a band. They got the band name, "rumania montevideo", from the combination on the Latin spelling of Romania and Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Soon after, the band added more members to complete their roaster as they released their first mini-album, "JET PLANE", on a indies label in 1999. They made their major debut a month after with the single Still for your love on the label GIZA Studio. The single became the group's first hit as it reached #9 on the weekly Oricon charts. However, the band broke up in 2002 after releasing the album "MO' BETTER TRACKS".


  • Mami Miyoshi (三好真美 Miyoshi Mami?) (Drums, Vocals)
  • Makoto Miyoshi (三好誠 Miyoshi Makoto?) (Guitar)

Former members

  • Kazunobu Majima (間島和伸 Majima Kazunobu?) (Guitar)
  • Satomi Asa (麻越さとみ Asa Satomi?) (Bass)
  • Akiko Matsuda (松田明子 Matsuda Akiko?) (Saxophone, Keyboard)

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