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Displays an item of a Magic Kaito volume list.


The following is a list of required or optional parameters for any of the rows:

{{VolumeItem|<volume number>|<chapters>|<japanese release date>|<japanese ISBN>|<english release date>|<english ISBN>
| display-volume      =    (Optional) Volume number to display (e.g. display "01" instead of just "1" for Volume 1)
| pnew                =    (Optional) Short description of which new character was introduced
| pchar               =    (Optional) Short description of what new character development occurred
| promance            =    (Optional) Short description of what new development occurred regarding character romance
| ppast               =    (Optional) Short description of what new information was revealed about a character's past
| pmko                =    (Optional) Short description of why and how the Magic Kaito's Organization was involved in the volume.
| pdc                 =    (Optional) Short description of why and how Detective Conan characters were involved in the volume.
| chapter-list        =    List of chapters
| summary             =    (Optional) Short summary of the volume