Akie Gotou

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Akie Gotou

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Japanese name: 後藤 暁江
(Gotou Akie)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: College student/Part-timer
First appearance: Detective Conan: Prelude from the Past
Appearances: Akie Gotou Appearances

Akie Gotou (後藤 暁江 Gotou Akie?) is a recurring character in Detective Conan video games.


Akie Gotou first met Conan and Heiji during a case, after which she became obsessed with the detectives. She's still in college studying sociology, and takes various part time jobs to support herself and further her studies.


She is bubbly and friendly, and always excited to help with investigations. She recognizes and admires Conan and Heiji's skills, and aspires to be a detective because of them.


Prelude from the Past

Marionette Symphony

While working part-time at the Clover Aquarium, she meets Conan again. Because she had been photographing the aquarium and blogging about it, she's able to give Conan the clues and insight he needs in order to solve the case. Later, she's doing some work at the Clover News TV Station, which is how she gets caught up in the terrorist's scheme there, along with Heiji. She gathers an important clue to help him with the case.

Phantom Rhapsody


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