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Riddles of the week

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I'd like to continue the game called "Holmes of the week", and i'll be the one who would be first, if you solved the riddle, feel free to get a new riddle created by you(if so, put the hardest riddle that you know and that would interests me ;)).

The first riddle would be the one i solved in my neighbour's house.

The woman had died in my neighbour's house and that it's the neigbour's sister.

The neighbour's name is Robert, all he knew is that she came to market and buy some fruits,

and the only thing he ate is the apple, after testing the apple for a poison and the hand of the victim, it was positive.

after we asked the market's cashier, named July, she saw the victim that is talking to someone that has a beard and wearing a glass, after a few search,

the police detective have found the person who she was talking named Ronnel , right now, there is a three suspects.

When the police detective asks for their alibi is, this is the answer.

Robert: I saw this person(me) in this window and he can prove the alibi that i was cutting the apple.

July: I only gave him the change, and this police(there was a police that is also in the market and is lining up near the victim) can prove it.

Ronnel: I was only talking to him, how can i murder him, and also ain't the cashier just saw me talking to him?

Who's the culprit?




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Well, i guess no one can answer it then :/

The killer would be the cashier, for a few investigation we found a poison in the cash, since those "police" are dumb to figured it out, they forgot to check it

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