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I'd Love to Write a Fictional Story, I need help to understand the Guidelines!

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I think that the title is quite self-explanatory, but I am going to write a few lines here to explain what I meant to say in the title. :)


こんにちわ、みんな!(I know very little Japanese and a few phrases to write, so that's about it. :))


I am Anneysha and am a long-time Detective Conan fan. I joined this forum today, so I am very new here. :) I find this forum to be very welcoming to all Detective Conan fans and a heaven for those who are gaga over this anime. :)

I was attracted by the fan fiction forum over here. I love watching the DC episodes and enjoy the plot as well. One of my first activities when I clicked on the Stories forum, was to read some stories in the pinned discussion, they were wonderful! :) Before I say anything more and ask for help, I'd like to thank all the contributors of the stories forums and in fact, all the sub-forums in DC forum. 

I enjoy writing as well. After reading the stories, I felt like writing one myself. I don't know how good will it turn out to be, but I will try my best, writing just needs imagination with a little dose of creativity to make it an enjoyable read. :) Oh, I'm not sure, but I might want to add some pictures as well, they might be from the anime or hand-drawn (I am really bad at drawing so the latter is quite unlikely, but whatever.) Is it acceptable? I will be mentioning all the credits and sources for the images (and ask for permission, if required). 

I will be posting soon to provide an update of my story and plot once I receive replies on this discussion. :)



P.S. Like I mentioned before, I know very little Japanese so I would appreciate it if anyone corrected any possible errors. :)

See you later!


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Just wanted to do some formatting. :) Minor edit. ^_^

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@Anneysha7 The "guidelines" for fanfics are fairly loose. The main thing is that you should include a disclaimer acknowledging that you don't own the series and seek no profit from its use (take a look at the beginning of my stories for an example). Beyond that, go crazy with it. Have fun. If you need any ideas, just ask; I've had a few fanfic ideas for Conan that I will never get around to writing, so I would be thrilled to hand them over to someone who will give them the life they deserve (I've already posted one such idea in this forum).


If you're going to post pictures or artwork, I don't really know the guidelines for that, but I know it had its own forum. You could probably find the requisite guidelines there.


I'll be keeping my eyes open for stories from you. I always enjoy new fanfics. If you need a beta reader, I will happily volunteer. I'm pretty good with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, so I could help you clean those up. I also have watched/read the entire series, so I may be able to help with keeping people in character and keeping the feel of the story true to the series. If you're interested in having me beta for you, let me know and I'll send you my email address in a private message.


Other than that, just welcome to the community!

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6 hours ago, AnimeOtakuDrew said:

Hello @AnimeOtakuDrew

Thank you for responding and it is a pleasure to meet you! :)


I will be sticking to stories for now, I am terrible at drawing and have no knowledge in video creation. :)

I have seen your story post. Thank you for the reference. I will read it after typing this comment. I read your fanfiction idea you posted on the forum, I must say that it's brilliant! :) I might want to work on it, not immediately but after I get acquainted with the DC writing style. If I want to develop your ideas, I have to make sure that I study them well with knowledge and experience. I would like to depend on the ideas I can think of for now, as an ice-breaking contribution. While I wouldn't say that I have already thought of a plot, I must mention that I have some vague ideas on how the story might be. 

Thank you for your offer to assist me with my stories. :) I appreciate all your help. :) I will contact you for the beta reading once I have a draft written. Writing the story wouldn't take time for me if I have a draft beside me. :)

I also read a topic of yours where you wanted some beta readers. I would gladly be a beta readers if you need one. I have watched all the 850 episodes of Detective Conan and I hope I can be helpful in beta reading your writings. :) I haven't watched the 851st episode because it is going to be a series episode, no fun in watching a part of story every seven days. :)


Thank you for making me feel welcome in the community,

Let's talk soon! ^^


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I definitely could use a beta reader. I can't use my laptop right now because the screen is broken, so I won't be able to work on the fic I have posted two chapters of on here (all my notes and what not are on the laptop), but my brother is going to let me use his computer and I have another story idea rolling around my head that I intend to develop in the meantime. I'll send my email address in a private message so we can coordinate about sending stories to each other for beta reading. I'm looking forward to your stories as well. Talk to you later!

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