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Updates and upgrades being performed

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Hello everyone!


You may have noticed that the site has been down for a few hours today.

I've had to put the site into maintenance mode in a bit of a rush to initiate upgrades to several server services (following the recent changes I've had to undertake to counter the spam/hack issues). The operation seems to have worked out well. But if you find any issues on the forum or wiki, please let us know here. Thank you!


I would also like to give you a heads up regarding a potential upgrade to our forum platform coming up very soon. Therefore, the board might be down for a little bit while we perform the upgrade in the coming days.


Thank you for your patience! :)

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On my computer it keeps loging me out after a few second

And it did so on my phone just now, but it seems it stopped now or so i hope

Any ideas, cause i cleaned it

And the phone is gone too


The "logging out" part may be normal because I had to clear the cache a few times and restart many services. It should be more stable now. :)



Note to everyone: We'll be performing the forum upgrade soon. The board might go into maintenance mode during the upgrade. Thank you for your patience!

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10 minutes ago, Calia Archer said:

There is not even "add friend" click to add friends. There is only "follow" :(

Yeah that's what I meant to say, sorry. 

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