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Weird title, I know. Not a real theory, more like a quick idea which occured to me yesterday:

At evening I saw a TV report while visiting my parents, in which they talked about the "immortal jellyfish" - Turritopsis dohrnii - abouth which some of you surely have already heard or read about. I thought that it's really interesting, because this species of jellyfish is de facto immortal because it can revert to a childlike state as often as it wants, which indeed does create some associations with the meta plot of Detective Conan.

Additionally, it's primarily a japanese scientist - Shin Kubota - who got known for researching these animals and their unique ability since 1979, while also trying to unlock the secret of it and make it usable for humans. This could perhaps suggest that Goshou (or rather his brother working as a physician who also helped him to devise the APTX with his biological knowledge) could know about this research and used it as a reference point to build a more mythical and excessive story based on it for DC.

I'm surprised to see that apparently only a few people had this idea before; I at least found a tumblr post containing such a theory. Maybe I just didn't search thoroughly enough.

Furthermore, it always puzzled me that the always more scientifically working Organization showed interest in some pseudo-magic arrows found on the Mermaid Island. What if it weren't the arrows Shiho (and maybe some other members) were looking for, but a (conceivably fictionalized version of) Turritopsis dohrnii living around Bikuni? This could explain why a biochemist like Shiho traveled over there, which would kinda be a real waste of resources if it was really because of some random legend.

Oh and another idea: Many species of jellyfish possess pretty potent neurotoxins. Maybe this is the point were rejuvenation/immortality falls together with an untraceable poison? It could have been made from the same species.


Very interesting...


I think Shiho was there because of the elder (130 years old—in the real world, she'd be oldest person in recorded human history (that is known of)). She must've been trying to figure out why the elder lived so long. Whether she discovered the ruse that everyone in the island knew about is anyone's guess.

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