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13 Red Shirt Case: Who wrote the note for Jodie? (Spoilers)

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Was it Okiya Subaru or Conan?
In episode 734, when Jodie picks the note from her wallet, Conan in the background says: Sorry, Jodie-sensei.
I always thought Subaru is the one who wrote it..
Any thoughts?

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Not Conan. His reaction show he has no idea about that. Either Scar Akai or Subaru.

I think it is Scar Akai, who need to communicate without voice to gain Jodie's trust.

Subaru just there to investigate Scar Akai and still has no reason to expect any danger.

Until he saw Chianti with her sniper rifle outside. That was after someone leave the note.

And Subaru would not tell Jodie to blindly go outside and got shot.


Conan is sorry because he can't tell Jodie Akai is alive.

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Wasn't it stated in Cherry Blossom-Shrine-Pickpocket case that is was real Akai's i.e. Subaru's handwriting?




Where was this stated in the episode? I don't recall it being mentioned. 

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