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Great drawing, Meitantei-senpai! I hope you post new ones soon~

If I were to bring out my inner critic though (Gomen'nasai), I'd say some of the characters are slightly out of proportion. However, I don't think it's your fault as there were so many characters on one page, it'd be terribly hard to draw them ALL according to proportion (as I have demonstrated in my drawing thread, I cannot draw 2 characters completely in proportion to each other >.<). What I would suggest is to draw something with less people.

~But that's just a kouhai's opinion ^.^

Keep drawing! 

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thank you wildheart, it's really appreciated ♡, i know, one needs a lot of motivation to draw all that, but it usually doesn't take much time for me to draw, 30 min at most when it's a big cover like these

thanks ai!!! (^▼^) im planning to draw another BO event, cover version. And u don't need to tell me, there is so many errors with these drawings that bothered me at first, but accepted them as something to learn from, still developing my drawing skills on DC and I'm trying draw drawings based on my imagination (in other words, without guidance from other pics). But thanx for the advice. Stay tuned for more! ^.^

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I loved this last one .... it looks amazing *claps*

And my suggestions is ....maybe you could draw the episode where Hibara become shiho again (I don't know the number ) the one where pisco, gin, vodka, and Vermouth appear in

"Reunion with the Black Organization": episode 176-178... ok, i was thinking about doing someday, anyone else with ideas before I make it official? ???

And thanks btw @Shahooda really appreciate the praises!! ♡ (^▼^)

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Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Un_n


I can't think of anymore of them! XC

Epsiode one (The big shrink) maybe? (You probably already drew this one, though. lol.  xD!)

Every cover I've drawn is here, thanks for the episode one idea! :D

Ideas so far:



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