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More like broken picture

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@PetePete: That image was deleted because it was a whole manga page, with watermarks on it. Even if they're only placeholders, we usually don't use whole manga pages to avoid legal issues regarding copyright infringement, and the watermarks only make it worse. Since it's an image about a certain disguise, we only need to focus on the character's face and that particular panel.

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Um. Just a friendly tip. You can always ask any of the mods here about such things instead of posting a whole topic about it.


Lol my bad, I saw a section for broken links and i put a picture to replace it and then my photo got replaced. Then i thought maybe its just my computer and then i saw this section for broken links and thought about reporting this link.


More like nonexistent photo, if you ask me. There's no photo that links to the specified link. Though it's better to inform a mod for this, it's great that you brought this to our attention. Thank you.


Ok, I'll post my link for that photo.


And to The Black Demon i'll edit the photo to only show him then.


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