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List your favorite basketball team!

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Come on, you have nothing to be bitter about. The Spurs are destroying the Jazz. :V

That's because this is our year, we are winning it all.

The Heat is the holy incarnation of the terrible NBA ideal that superstars can bully franchises and 'team-up'. Franchises need to man up and deal these clowns and try to get value before they just ditch their asses. All superstars need to look up to Timmy and David Robinson.

The Lakers are just the Lakers. I hate their guts. Kobe is a rapist, Bynum is a overgrown baby. I only like Pau Gasol.

The darkhorse Mavs? Seriously besides much respect to Dirk and Kidd, Jason Terry is such a pinhead, Delonte West is like the stupidest person ever, and Mark Cuban is a laughing stock.

Unfortunately the other team that I like besides the Spurs are the Utah Jazz, but, sorry, gotta root for my boys.

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Heat will kill alll!!!!!!! because of lebron james! Did u no that he was the most aggressive player in the whole NBA?

Most aggressive? I don't know about that, but he's definitely the best player in the league right now. If he was more assertive he wouldn't give up so many late-game shots..

Also, LOL. Sorry bud, but once again, the Eastern Conference is a joke compared to the West. There's no way any team in the East is going to win this year with OKC or SAS going to the finals.

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