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Any hip-hop/ rap fans??

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From what I see alot when I go to anime conventions, there's not many hip-hop or rap fans, so anime and rap music dont match lol, so am I wierd cuz I love anime but but favorite genre of music is rap???

Here's some of my favorite artist:


-Wiz Khalifa


-Big Sean

-Chris Brown


-Kid Cudi

-(to throw in a screamo band for the heck of it) Bring me the Horizon

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I like RNB more , but rap and hiphop is awesome(; tooo

Wiz Khalifa

Nexx Chapter

Victor Chen (you can tell i'm asian from this)

John Cedrick


Danny Phame



Lil Crazed


Bei MAJOR <3

and a kpop band, SUPERJUNIOR rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif LOL

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Old School Rap for me! xD

TLC (Left Eye)

Will Smith (He rapped in his early acting days, in fact the fresh prince of bell air opening was sung by him)

Snoop Dogg! xD Can't hate Snoopy

Hannya (japanese rap group, I found out about them through a touhou video xD)


ICP (Certainly not for people who dislike rather disturbing lyrics lol)


Weird Al

Ice Cube


Those are my favorites

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