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I think it's good, it does need work, such as her head shape & body/face proportions. But I think it's fairly decent. Much better than my first attempt drawing Ran :P

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^^ It's not BAD, but you can definitely do better. x) Personally, I think the face is a bit narrow...like it's not...a diagonal line all the way through..if you look at the Ran picture on your sig, you can see that it goes down a bit before it goes diagonally...do you know what I'm talking about? xP But yeah, it's good for your first Ran!! Keep it up!! xD

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Better, her face is still kinda angler, and her eyes are sorta big.

It's very good, but another tip for you would be that her hair, you did a great job but her hair sorta looks like it was split in half, Ran's hair is split like 2/3 for one side and 1/3 for the other. I'm not so good at explaining it, but do you get what I'm trying to say..?

Still, one rep for you~! Your improving every bit by bit ^_____^

And judging by the picture I'm guessing this was your reference?


Maybe a bigger one, but I was sorta lazy to search for it so :P

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Woo~! x) Nice! Better than the last! Yayy~! You improved!

And like Kim-chan said, her head is still just a bit too....un-round. I mean they don't just go from one like to the next abruptly. Gahh, I can't explain this right! Dx Do you know what I mean though? Like....round the corners a bit. xP

Also, her hair doesn't go up THAT far...xPPPP

But still, great job, great improvement! x) +1 rep! x)

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I'd say you have definitely improved. :D Just watch out for the face angles, they tend to be too pointy (Ran's face should also be wider). And the eyes should be more proportional to the face, just a little bit smaller.

But other than that, I like it and you have shown growth in your drawings. :mrgreen:

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