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Hi guys! :D It's me. I know... I'm horrible. I have four on-going stories and I decided to add another to the mix! I apologize, but this idea wouldn't leave me alone!

I hope this story makes sense... It's rather strange. And also, I haven't wrote for Hetalia before, so forgive me if they're out of character. Or if I made a mistake.

And... *sigh* THIS IS MY LAST DAY OF SUMMER! I have Freshman Orientation tomorrow... DX Oh well.


"Alright! I think we can begin the World Conference Meeting!" An overly enthusiastic blonde with glasses yelled. "Solving the world's problems one by one!"

A sigh echoed throughout the gigantic conference hall. There was a long table and there was nine people were sitting at the table.

"Anyone have any problems? Besides the obvious ones!" America continued. "Global warming is going to take a while! Anyone got anything?"

"America, what gives you the right to run this meeting? And this isn't even a World Conference Meeting!" Another man that had blonde hair with bushy eyebrows and a British accent questioned.

"It's obvious England! Because I'm the hero! And I'm calling it that, so deal with it!" America grinned. Sparkles began to glitter around him. All of the other countries groaned. "So any problems?"

There was a pause.

"None at all? C'mon, there has to be something happening in the world!"

"I have one, da." A very large and the tallest out of all the countries spoke up. He was wearing a scarf and had purple eyes with a childish smile.

"Any OTHER problems?" America asked, still grinning.

England gave a hopeless sigh. "Go ahead Russia."

"No one will become one with me, da." Russia stated innocently, cocking his head. "I don't know why…"

"And that's why I didn't call on him!" America said after there was a moment of silence.

"I have a problem!" A blonde with wavy hair barely above his shoulders and a stubbly chin.

"No one wants to hear your problems, France!"

"Angleterre, you're so cruel…" France pouted. "I have a very important problem!"

"And whatever could that be?"

"…My girlfriend broke up with me!" The country began sobbing dramatically.



The two countries began to strangle each other. An Asian country with brown hair tied in a ponytail sighed.

"Are you two fighting again-aru?"


"You are always fighting and disrupting the meeting-aru! China retorted.

Three countries were sitting next to each other. One had a reddish brown hair and a daydreaming look with a curl. Another was a quiet Asian with black hair and deep brown eyes. The last one had a light blonde hair and light blue eyes and a stern look.

"Ve~!" The one with reddish brown hair said. "Everyone looks like they're having fun~!"

"Italy, all they're doing is ruining the point of this meeting." The blonde grumbled.

"Hai… But Germany-san, they always act like this…"

"Sadly, you're right, Japan." Germany agreed in his thick accent. "Someone must have actual problems…"

"Ve~! I have one… I don't have pasta~!"

"Not that kind of problem Italy…"

Japan was silent. There was a problem bothering him, but he wasn't going to interrupt selfishly.


The country looked up when his name was called. "Hai?"

"Is there something bothering you?"

He wasn't going to lie for his own selfish needs. "…Hai…"

Germany frowned. "Why didn't you say something before?"

"I… I did not want to interrupt everyone."

"But if you have an actual problem, you should say it! That way, we'll be able to get something done."

"I-I guess…"

Germany sighed and stood up. "EVERYONE!"

England and France stopped for a moment, hands still wrapped around each other's necks. "Germany?"

"Someone actually has a REAL probl-"


"Shut up, frog!"

"Who has this problem?" America asked with interest.

"Japan." Germany gestured to the flustered nation next to him.

"Japan?" All of the countries glanced over.

"What's your problem, Japan-aru?" China questioned. He was actually a little concerned, but he wasn't going to show that.

"W-Well…" Japan stood up as well, and stuttered. "There's an Organization that's causing trouble, and…"

"What?" America looked unimpressed. "An organization?"

"Hai… It's causing a lot of trouble…"

"Eh? How so?"

"There has been shady business and lots of murders."

"S-Sounds scary, ve…" Italy started whining.

"That happens in every country-aru!"

"B-But… This Organization… Made a drug. And this drug…"

France raised an eyebrow. "Drug?"

"According to my sources… It kills people and it can't be traced… But…"

"But?" America was getting impatient. "Spit it out, Japan!"

"…It has a very rare side effect of shrinking people."

"WHAT?" All of the nations exclaimed at once.

"Shrinking people, da?" Russia looked confused.

"That's not possible!" England sputtered.

"And your magic is, Angleterre?" France rolled his eyes.

"It is, you bloody git!"

"Whatever you say, mon ami, whatever you say…"

"I'M GOI-"

"EVERYONE, SHUT UP!" Germany yelled. Grudgingly, the room became silent. "What are we going to do about this problem?"

"Every country has organizations." England grumbled. "We can't be expected to do everything…"

"But shrinking people?" America had a gleam in his eye. "That is so cool, dude!"

"Cool? What's cool about that, wanker?"

"It just is!"

"This is why I didn't think my problem needed to be shared…" Japan sighed.

"I think we should check this out." Germany finally said. Everyone looked at him, surprised. "Shrinking people with a drug… That shouldn't happen. I say we should try to destroy this organization so the drug can also be destroyed…"

"I… I suppose, but…"

"I forgot another thing…" Japan spoke up. "It is believed this same organization is searching for a special gem that can grant immortality."

There was silence.

"IMMORTALITY?" France shouted, eyes gleaming.

"SHUT UP, FROG!" England yelled back. Then he turned to Japan. "But… Immortality?"

"Hai… It is said that the jewel has tears or immortality and if you drink it…"

"Interesting-aru…" China mused.

"Very interesting! Let's go find that jewel!"

"Frog, we're countries. We don't need something like that… Unless the nation died…" England trailed off. Immortality, huh…

"So, is it agreed? We go to stop this organization?" Germany questioned.

"Ve~! It's Germany's going…" Italy thought aloud. "I'm coming too! I'll make sure to pack plenty of pasta~!"

"Well, I must go!" America declared after a second. "I'm the hero after all! Hahaha!"

England rolled his eyes. "…I suppose I'll go as well."

"I'm going!" France immediately said. "Kaitou Kid is currently in Japan as well! He used to steal from my country… I will find this thief!"

"Kaitou Kid, eh… Sounds interesting, da!" Russia childishly grinned. "I want to see."

"…I'm going as well-aru. Japan is in my area-aru." China agreed, somewhat embarrassed.

Japan was shocked. Everyone had agreed… "Thank you, mina-san."

"Of course! A hero helps people in need!"

"We'll plan and meet." Germany decided. He too was surprised they had agreed. Suspicious…

"How about tomorrow at… 1:00 in the afternoon at my house?" Japan offered. "We'll have plenty of time to prepare." All of the countries nodded, agreeing.

"Well, then… Meeting dismissed!"


"Honestly…" Mouri Ran grumbled. She was walking home with her father and almost-little brother from their meal at a restaurant in the city. "Why do we run into cases everywhere you go, Dad?"

"Don't ask me." Mouri Kogoro muttered, yawing. "It just happens. Anyways, another case solved by the Great Sleeping Detective, Mouri Kogoro!"

'Oi, oi…' Edogawa Conan thought as he walked along. 'I'm the one who solved it…' "You were great, Uncle!"

"Of course I was, brat! Nyahaha!"

Conan dead-panned and Ran looked annoyed. "I'm tired of running into murders all the time! I can never go anywhere without seeing a dead body! It's a beautiful Saturday, and…"

"Sorry, Ran…" Kogoro apologized. "But… There's nothing you can really do about it when it happens."

"You could prevent the murder!"

As Ran continued scolding her father and Conan watched, amused, they heard a voice.

"Oi! Kudo! Neechan! Occhan!"

A familiar Osakan accented voice.

Conan inwardly groaned and Kogoro outwardly as they saw one Hattori Heiji waving to them from a few yards away. One Toyama Kazuha and surprisingly on Haibara Ai was with him. The two Osakans ran up to the trio happily while the shrunken scientist followed indifferently.

"Hattori-kun! Kazuha-chan! Ai-chan!" Ran was surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"We came ta visit!" Kazuha grinned. "How are ya, Ran-chan?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"The Osakan brats… And the creepy little girl…" The famous detective muttered as the two teenage girls continued to chatter.

"Nice ta see ya too, Occhan!" Heiji cheerfully greeted. Ai was next to him. Then he looked down at the shrunken detective. "Hey, Ku-K-Conan-kun!"

"Hi, Heiji-niichan." Conan glared. Then he glanced at Ai curiously.

"What's up, kid?"

"The sky."

"…Besides tha'."

"The sun."

"Ya know wha' I mean!"

Conan smirked, successfully having annoyed the teen. "Nothing much. Just ran into another murder."

"Of course, ya did. Ya're a murder magnet!"

"You say that again and you're going to be on the receiving end of a super-powered soccer ball."

Heiji shuddered. "Scary."

"Haibara, what are you doing here?"

"I couldn't reach you on your cell phone and I was near the agency. I walked to the entrance when this guy-" Ai gestured to the Osakan detective, "And his girlfriend spotted me. Then they dragged me along to find you." The strawberry blonde leaned towards the mini detective and whispered, "New temporary antidote."

Conan's eyes blue eyes widened in joy as Ran and Kazuha appeared next to the boys and girl.

"Hey, do you wanna go to Beika Park? It's really nice, and I don't feel like going home yet…" Ran suggested.

"Sure!" Kazuha readily agreed. "Where is it?"

"It's a couple of blocks from here."

"Alright! Let's go!" Heiji fist pumped, wanting to take Conan's mind off the soccer ball idea. "C'mon, Ku-Conan-kun!"

"Hai!" Conan answered childishly with a fake smile.

"Do you want to come as well, Ai-chan?" Ran asked the indifferent girl.

"…I might as well." The mini detective was amazed that the girl agreed, but shrugged.

"Alright! Let's go!" The karate champion smiled.

"I'll pass." Everyone looked at Kogoro. "I've had enough for today… And Yoko's gonna be on in half an hour."

The group dead-panned and rolled their eyes at the 'detective's statement, but let him go.

"Off we go!"


After a few minutes of walking, they saw the park in sight.

"C'mon, let's hurry up!" Kazuha said excitedly. "I can see cherry blossoms!"

Ran laughed. "Alright!" The two older girls ran ahead as the boys and Ai continued at their own pace.

"So how long will this antidote last?" Conan turned to Ai.

"At the most, forty-eight hours."

The chibi detective nodded. "Thank you."

"You shouldn't be thanking me. It's my fault this happened in the first place." She said coldly.

"…Maybe I shouldn't be thanking you. But still." Conan genuinely smiled at her. She was surprised, but also gave a small smile.

"Eh, Kudou… Are ya ditchin' Nee-chan for this chibi nee-chan?" Heiji butted in. He was immediately on the receiving end of two deadly glares.

"I could give you the APTX-4869." Ai's icy blues eyes drilled into the Osakan. "And you wouldn't be as lucky as us."

The tan detective shivered then started running to the park after the girls.

"Get back here, Hattori!"


"What exactly are we doing here?" Hakuba Saguru questioned testily.

"Oh, c'mon Hakubaka… Lighten up!" Kuroba Kaito cheerfully bounced along. "We came to check out the jewel Kaitou Kid announced he was going to steal!"

"Yes… I realize that. But why are we going through a park?"

"Sorry, Hakuba-kun…" Nakamori Aoko apologized next to the teenage boys. "It just looked really beautiful and I wanted to see."

Saguru sighed. "No, Nakamori-san, it's quite alright."

"But these cherry blossoms really are quite dazzling…" Koizumi Akako noted, playing with a lock of magenta hair.

"What I'm surprised about is why Koizumi-chan is here." Kaito pondered aloud.

"Kaito!" Aoko elbowed her childhood friend. "You're being rude!"

"Nakamori-san, it's alright." Akako slyly smirked at the magician. He rolled his eyes. "I did, after all, invite myself. I shouldn't be here."

"Don't say that Akako-chan! I was going to invite you anyways." The girl protested. Then she smiled. "But I'm glad you came."

Akako was surprised, but then smiled as well. "Thank you Nakamori-san."

"Regardless, let's keep moving. They're only displaying the Red Rose for a little while longer." Saguru reminded the rest of the group.

"Hai, hai!" Kaito continued skipping happily.

Suddenly, the teenage magician crashed into something.

"What the hell?" He muttered. He looked up to the person sprawled on the ground across from him. It was a man in traditional Japanese style clothes with a katakana.

The man immediately was up and helping him. "Gomenasai! Are you alright?"

Kaito was up on his feet easily. "Yep! And don't apologize, it was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"No! It is my fault!"

The magician raised an eyebrow at the man's behavior.

"Kaito!" Aoko, Saguru and Akako ran up to Kaito. "What did you do this time?"

"I ran-"

"Gomenasai! It was my fault, your friend did nothing!" Akako's red eyes lit with recognition, but remained silent.

"Is that true, Kuroba?" The British detective glanced at his friend.

"No." Kaito admitted. "It was my fault… Wasn't looking where I was going. But this guy keeps insisting otherwise."

"No, it is my fault…"

"What's your name?" Aoko curiously asked.

"Ja- I mean, I'm Honda Kiku…"

"Nice to meet you Honda-san!" Kaito greeted. "And please stop blaming yourself."


"Japan! Japan!" A blonde with glasses appeared with some other guys following him.

"Am- Alfred-san…" Japan corrected himself. They couldn't say they were the embodiments of the countries to these humans…

America and the others saw the group of teenagers and caught on. "Oh… Where did you go Kiku?"

"Gomenasai, I thought I saw something…"

"Saw what?" Saguru asked suspiciously looking at the group or eight. It looked like there were two Asians and the rest foreigners.

"None of your business." England curtly informed him. He glanced over the teenagers until his eyes fell upon Akako. He looked taken aback, but regained his composure.

The British detective and teenager magician raised their eyebrows. Definitely suspicious.

"And you are…?" Aoko asked politely.

"Alfred F. Jones!" America introduced himself.

England sighed. They shouldn't be giving their identities away… "Why do you need to know?"

"It's polite to introduce yourself." Kaito interrupted Saguru before he could say anything.

"Besides, I'm a detective. It's in my nature to know things. And you're acting very suspicious."

"How so?"

"Why would Jones-san here call Honda-san 'Japan'? And you've stuttered with your names a few times… It seems like you're hiding something."

"Oh? And what's your name?"

"Hakuba Saguru."

England's eyes widened. 'This detective is from my country… I recognize that name.'

"Forgive me." England began to speak in English. Everyone was surprised at the sudden change in language. "I recognize you. I'm also from England, you see."

"Is that so?" Saguru answered back. "Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"…Visiting." England stated.

"Visiting? Really?" Kaito now also began to speak.

"You know English?" The former pirate questioned.

"Yep!" The magician comfirmed.

"I think you should switch back now." America joined in. Looking at the two teenagers, he added, "I'm from America. Of course I know English. Anyways, we're just confusing everyone."

"I see that." Saguru switched back, now smiling.

"What was that about?" Aoko asked Kaito. "I only understood a few words..."

"Nothing." Kaito grinned. "But I think they trust each other enough now.

"Arthur Kirkland." England shook Saguru's hand. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm Nakamori Aoko!" Aoko smiled.

"Koizumi Akako." The witch finally spoke. She was smirking. England's green eyes widened when he heard the name.

"Angleterre, don't keep all of the ladies to yourself!" France immediately had two roses in his hands for both girls. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Francis! All you need to know is my first name." The Frenchman kissed both girls' hands. Aoko blushed and Akako continued to smirk knowingly. Kaito and Saguru looked slightly jealous.

"Shut it, you bloody frog." England muttered.

"I'm Yao-aru!" China introduced himself. "Nice to meet you!"

"I'm Ivan, da." Russia gave a childish smile.

"…Ludwig." Germany grudgingly said.

"Ve~! You can call me Feliciano~!" Italy happily spun around. "You two are cute~!"

Aoko blushed again. Akako looked pleased. Kaito scowled somewhat and Saguru just gave a shrug.

"I'm Matthew!" Canada seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"C- Mattie, what are you doing here?" America questioned, surprised.

"…You told everyone to come to J- Kiku's house today… So I came."

"…" All of the countries had forgotten, once again, about Canada.

"Where did you come from?" Kaito asked.

"Kaito! You're being rude again!"

"No, it's okay." Canada gave a sad smile. "I'm not the type that's noticed."

"Sorry…" The magician apologized.

"No, it's fine."

"Enough." Germany finally said after the pause of silence. "We need to go, remember?"

Japan nodded with the rest. England, however, frowned, furrowing his thick eyebrows.

"Hold on a second." Everyone glanced at him. "Koizumi-san, may I speak with you?"

France gasped. "Angleterre, I didn't know you liked younger girls!"

"Shut up frog!"

Akako gave a graceful nod of her head. "Of course, Kirkland-san."

The witch followed the Brit a little away from the group who were now interacting.

"Yes, England-san?"

"…I didn't expect to run into you here, Koizumi."

Akako shrugged, but kept her sly smirk. "Coincidence?"

"With you, it's never a coincidence."

"Ohoho~! Quite right. Lucifer told me that I would run into something interesting today at the park."

England looked taken aback, but quickly regained his posture. "I should've known you'd be able to summon the Demon Lord. You, Koizumi Akako, successor to the Scarlet Arts."

"It has been a while since we've seen each other, England-san. How has your practice been with your Black Magic?"

"…Quite alright."

"I can sense a dark aura around Russia-san…" Akako glanced at the tall man with the scarf. "You summoned him when calling for a demon, didn't you?"

"That's what I thought. Maybe he made a contract with the devil…"

"With Russia, you can never tell." England sighed. "Anyways, I have a favor to ask, seeing you here."

"Oh? A favor? I thought you, you of all people, would never ask such a thing. Tell me."

The British man leaned towards the witch and quickly told her of his plan. Her red irises widened, but she smirked.

"How interesting… There's nine of you… And… Let me check." Akako closed her eyes and sensed for auras. After a few moments she opened them and smirked. "Lucky for you, there are eight humans and one witch in this park."

England raised one bushy eyebrow. "You're willing to…?"

"I suppose I must. This is quite a big favor you're asking of me, and there will be a price."

"I understand."

"You must be very lucky England-san." Akako continued. "Because these people besides the ones you've met… They're connected in ways that will help you in your mission. If they were random people, it would be highly unlikely that your goal would succeed."

The former pirate nodded. "Yes. So is it guaranteed we'll be able to meet each other again soon?"

"Indeed." Akako played with her hair. "But, are you going to tell them?"

"…I can't. It won't work if they know, as most of them will probably disagree."

The witch laughed. "Ohoho~! So you're willing to risk the chance that this will go wrong, they won't know what will happen and they'll die?"

England stiffened, but slowly nodded again. "It must be done. For the sake of bringing down that Organization."

"And why would you be interested in destroying this particular Organization?"

"If it's true that they are searching for a jewel that cries tears of immortality and they manage to obtain it, the world will be condemned to Hell. As the embodiment of England, I cannot allow that to happen."

"How noble, England-san."

"Say whatever you say, Koizumi."

"Of course it's whatever I say." The temptress twirled her magenta locks around a delicate finger and smirked. "Let's begin."

Kaito glanced at Arthur and Akako talking. 'Whatever that witch is involved in can't be good.'


"Eh?" Kaito snapped back to Japan. "Yes, Honda-san?"

"I want to apologize about-"

"Oh, please!" Kaitou laughed. "You've already apologized enough. Don't worry about it!"

"Kiku, you do apologize to much-aru." China agreed with the magician.


"It's true, Kiku!" America butted in. "And I know! BECAUSE I'M THE HERO! Hahaha!"

"…Is he always like that?" Saguru asked Russia.

"Pretty much, da."

"I see…"

"Mon cher, you're very beautiful." France continued flirting with Aoko. She kept blushing.

"Ve~! It's true~!" Italy agreed.

"Stop bothering her, It- Feliciano." Germany grumbled.

Kaito glanced back to see England by himself and Akako gone.

"Hey… Where'd Koizumi-chan go?" He asked Saguru and Aoko.

"I don't know…" Saguru frowned, also looking at England. Suddenly, they heard chanting.

"Create a bond, create a bond

Fusing the soul together

Forces to heaven and hell meet, to enlist

Bring down the evil they face the same

Collaboration, collaboration

Against your common enemy


They looked towards the source to see England with his eyes closed in concentration and a gigantic magic circle began to form. It was gigantic, Kaito couldn't even see the end of it.

"EN- ARTHUR, WHAT THE HELL?" France and America began screaming. China, Russia, Japan, Germany and Italy also began to yell.

Kaito narrowed his eyes. 'I knew it… That witch did something to Kirkland-san.'

Before he could do anything, Kaito's body began to feel light, and he started to feel dizzy. He felt his consciousness slipping away. 'What the hell…?' And then everything was dark.


Conan had been chasing Heiji as Ai watched highly amused and Ran and Kazuha chattered when they heard chanting. They whipped around to see a beautiful teenage girl with magenta hair.

"Create a bond, create a bond

Fusing the soul together

Forces to heaven and hell meet, to enlist

Bring down the evil they face the same

Collaboration, collaboration

Against your common enemy


A glittering magic circle was began to form. It must have been huge, as Conan couldn't even see how big it actually was.

"Who the hell are you?" Heiji yelled.

Conan was about to move, but suddenly his body felt light as air. His vision began to blur until everything became black.

...Yeah. It sucks. :V Oh well.

Again, I apologize if they're out of character... Japan seemed to be. I think I made him apologize to much. *sigh*

Oh, and I came up with that chant. :V Sorry, I was lacking imagination... And I didn't have the others say their last names for reasons. If you can figure out why, I'll give you a cookie~~~!

Eh, and with Akako and England... I just HAD to put that in their. XD They're both my favorite characters in their anime/manga respectively. But I do also LOVE America and Russia... Anyways, they're both magic users! XD So I had to use that to my advantage. :P

And if anyone can figure out what this spell does EXACTLY, I'll give you a cookie~~~!

Well, this was probably the longest chapter I've ever wrote for anything... I'm amazed.

I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you thought! Thanks!

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I couldn't enjoy it much because I haven't watched Hetalia, but it sounds like it's going to be a really good fic! The only thing that sucks is that summer is almost over for you.

But now your brain will be split between your four (five?) fics! Wahahahahaha!!!

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WHOAAAAA!!!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDD Especially the Heiji part!! xP

But it was awesome!! Keep it up!! Although it IS a teeny bit...long..xPPP

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XD Alright, thanks guys.

@Wildheart I suppose it is... But when I first began writing, the chapters were too short. This is the longest chapter I've ever wrote~!! 4,000 WORDS!! Usually it's just 1,500 to 2,500. I'm proud.

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