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AJ's Art Thread

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Very nice x x x

+1!!! It's beautiful! <333 :mrgreen: I love how you do the colours, it's amazing...

That's so amazing~ :o !!

The colors are beautifully drawn >w< and the tree is so creative :)

+1 ~~ :D

It's lovely and extremely cute! I love the color and the tree!

(If this really happens it would be a dream come true xDDD).

better!!!! x"DDDDDDD <3 +1!!!

Haha, awesome~!! xDDD

Amazing colouring (as always xPP) and I just loove the tree~!! >~<

Great job, my friend~ <333


Wahaha! :D Awesome! ShinRan FTW! XD +1 :P

BEAUTIFUL! :D Love it!

nice drawing!

Wow, this is such a great drawing :o and your colouring is so smooth... I love the background the best

Thank you all very much! *can't wait to reveal who it's for* :mrgreen:

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her horn can almost reach the mistletoe

Lmfao. :P

Not Heiji? >.<


I wanted to, I promise. Lol jk

OMG!!!! *dies in heaven*

I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH! :D The colors and everything is amazing!!

Why thank you very much. :)

wow you're so good at coloring! >_< +1

Thanks jovan-chan!

whoa!! this is awesome!!!!

I suuuuuper like it AJ M.!!!!! <3 <3 <3

thank you for this gift *smiles

+1 for you :D

(can I call you AJ-kun?)

You're welcome! And yes, you can call me AJ-kun. :mrgreen:

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