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Apotoxin testing questions

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Hello...  So I have an enormous amount of episodes to catch up on, and I had an odd thought occur to me today.  If this has already happened in the series (anime or manga) I'm hoping someone can point me that direction.  It boils down to this:  Is there any evidence that the Black Org has continued testing Apotoxin-4869 specifically, beyond the point where Sherry took the capsule and escaped?  I was just sort of mulling this over, and a couple of possibilities occurred to me:  If they HAD tested it, then if it regressed their subject to childhood, they'd know that someone who they thought they'd killed was probably still alive (Kudo Shinichi) and, by extension, Sherry.  So... why didn't they come after their families and close associates?  Going the other direction, if they HAVEN'T tested it, why not?  It was supposed to be this useful new assassination drug, right?  Of course, maybe Vermouth suppressed testing and all that, but...  Anyway.  I'm so behind on episodes that I've probably missed all sorts of plot developments that toss these questions right out the window, but then that's why I'm asking.  Was any further testing done?  Did any 'children' show up?  If no testing, why not?  Thanks.

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I don't think they continued to test it after Shinichi was "dead". They must've thought it worked just fine and needed no further testing.







....or Gosho just hasn't thought that far yet

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