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In Search of an Episode

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Hello Fellow Detective Conan Fans,

I have long been in search of a particular episode. Minimum Spoiler but be warned....


Okay so here is the story as best as I can remember it. 

A lady is suspicious that Conan might know she committed a crime. So she invites him home for a sleep over.  While she is taking a shower Conan finds evidence that she did indeed kill someone. While confronting her about the murder she confesses and then says she will have to take care of Conan too. Turns out it was a trap because Conan had called Mouri and her confession was sent onto the police. 

The only other thing I can remember is the lady drove a red sports car.

Your help in my quest for the episode number is appreciated!



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it's episode 826, entitled "The Beauty, the Lies and the Secret".. actually at first, the lady doesn't know that Conan is being suspicious of her, so that is why she gave in to Conan's request of driving him in her red sports car. After she saw him sneakily going to the room where her husband was killed that she started to become suspicious of him. After Conan eventually confronted her, she told him that since he already knows the truth, she might "take care of him".. Just a bit of correction, she didn't take a shower; she just told Conan that she will get change (clothes), that is why when she caught Conan sneaking into one of the mansion's rooms, she's wearing a robe.

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