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Officer Kaoko

Getting Familiar With The Japanese Language

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First of all, I feel bad for to have to repeat my writings xD

But anyway, it's just like having it with me whenever I go : D So everybody would be able to read it and benefit from it \o/ (I hope)!

Getting Familiar With The Japanese Language - Introduction

Konnichiwa, minna. Kochira Kaoko-desu~

(Hello, everyone. Kaoko here~)

Here, I will be posting lessons and teach you Japanese language in a fun and amusing way~ \o/

But before we get into serious lessons. I want you to get familiar how the Japanese language works~

Here, we would like to introduce the beginning of our learning system. In order to learn you need to be familiar with the Japanese language, or at least to know the basic how the language works. After knowing the basics, it’ll be easy to get yourself around and you’ll learn faster.

The Japanese language is actually very simple but so unlike English that many English speakers find it difficult to learn Japanese. The goal of this Getting Familiar With Thge Japanese Language course is to help you study the basics of the Japanese language and to teach you how to learn Japanese in a way that is, hopefully, fast and easy to understand.

You might think that Japanese is hard, and you lose confidence... but if you think the opposite, it’ll turn the other way round. Just take it easy and relax. If you don’t understand, try reading it again and again till you get the hang of it. You are also free to ask any of us, and we’ll definitely help you with pleasure!

In order to learn you need:-

To think like a Japanese person: You need to think like a Japanese if you want to learn their language. Put English aside (or any language you have). Don’t compare Japanese with your native language (it’s the same thing if you learn other languages as well), it’ll just get you confused and will make things harder and far more complicated. Especially beginners and who have yet just started learning.

Confidence: You will also need confidence. In fact, not just that but in everything you do. In order to move forward you will always need some confidence in yourself. You can’t do things if you don’t have any confidence.

Don’t give up too easily either, never give up! Even if things gets difficult, try reading it again and again until you understand, or/and you can ask any of us; either for help, for explanation, etc. We’ll try our best to make you understand and make to be able to do it. So need to worry! We’ll always be there for you :)

And since this is DC community, I would like to have DC set as examples from now and then (in the upcoming lessons and courses)~ : D

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