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Where are you, Shinichi-niichan?


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This was my second DC fic, and one of the only ones without a death in it. I've been told it's really cute, as it's told from little Conan's point of view. (in this story, Conan is Shinichi's little brother, not a second generation fic.) He tells it from his diary, which 'Shinichi-niichan' got for him just a few days before his disappearance. Sound interesting? Then read! Forgive the space issues. When I put it in the editor it was perfectly fine but once I posted it it jammed everything together and it'll take me hours to fix! So please, I'm sorry! 875328cc.gif

Where are you, Shinichi-niichan?

Chapter 1

December 8th

Shinichi-niichan bought me a diary today! He told me that I should write what I feel like inthis. I think I will! It’s very fun, I’ll show it to Genta-kun, Mitsuhiko-kun,and Ayumi-chan tomorrow!

December 9th

Today, Ishowed my new diary to my friends. Ayumi-chan thought it was so cool that mybrother got me a diary. I love Shinichi-niichan, he’s so nice! He played soccerwith me today, but he’s too good. I couldn’t block a single goal, even with Mitsuhiko-kunhelping me.

December 10th

Shinichi-niichansays he going with Ran-neechan to the amusement park tomorrow! I wanted to gowith him, but he says only him and Ran-neechan are going. I know, I’ll invitemy friends to come with me! That way, I can go to Tropical Land!

December 11th

No one couldcome today, so I stayed home. I finished my homework like my brother told meto, but he’s taking an awfully long time. He said he’d be back before dinner,where is he? Oh, the phone’s ringing, better pick it up…

Ran-neechanjust called and asked where Shinichi-niichan is. I told her I didn’t know. Shesaid I should come over to her house because I haven’t had dinner yet. Wheredid Shinichi-niichan go?

December 13th

Shinichi-niichanhasn’t been seen since yesterday. Ran-neechan told me not to worry about him.But I’m scared; Ayumi-chan is too. She says maybe Shinichi-niichan has beenkidnapped. Genta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun tried to cheer me up today, but howcould I cheer up? Shinichi-niichan, I need you back now.

Chapter 2

December 14th

Now I’mreally worried, Shinichi-niichan. Okaa-san and otou-san came over from Americatoday so they could talk to police officers. I heard your name, what happened?Okaa-san played with me, and tried to teach me how to sing to cheer me up. Itwas fun, but she says I sing worse than you. Shinichi-niichan isn’t a very goodsinger.

Otou-sanread me a Sherlock Holmes book. I like them because the author has my name.Conan! He says he named me after him when you suggested it. Sherlock Holmes isso cool, I wanna be a detective when I grow up, like him and Shinichi-niichan!

December 15th

Okaa-san andotou-san were busy today, they couldn’t play with me today, so I went to myfriends. We played soccer for a little bit, and I was on Ayumi-chan’s team. Webeat Genta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun by one point. I like Ayumi-chan, but I thinkGenta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun feel the same way, what should I do?

Ran-neechancame looking for you after school today, Shinichi-niichan. She’s just about asworried as I am about you. Are you two a couple?

Whenokaa-san and otou-san came back, they also looked very worried. I thinksomething happened to you, and nobody will tell me. Why not?

December 16th

I snuck outof school and went to Tropical Land to investigate by myself. My friends wantedto come with me, but I told them no. I asked people if they saw you, but Icouldn’t find anybody. Being a detective is hard. You never find any clues. Howdo you do it, Shinichi-niichan?

December 17th

I went backto Tropical Land. I found a person who saw you! She said you went into analleyway, and I looked for stuff. The ground was all trampled and messed up. Ithink you got into a fight or something. There was also a piece of ripped uppaper. But I couldn’t read it. I think it looked like this.

I’ve been capt-

I haven’tlearned too many words yet. But I don’t want otou-san to know I skipped school,so I can’t show him. I know, I’ll show it to Ran-neechan! She knows lots ofwords, right?

December 18th

Ran-neechansays the last word is ‘captured’ like kidnapped. Have you been kidnapped,Shinichi-niichan? Ran-neechan made me show it to otou-san, and he got all mad.Not at me or Ran-neechan, but at something else. He yelled a curse word, butit’s bad, so I won’t write it. He told the police, and ignored me. If you’vereally been captured, then please escape soon. Everyone wants you back,Shinichi-niichan.

Chapter 3

December 19th

Okaa-san wascrying today. We got a letter in the mail from the kidnapper. He says thatyou’re still alive, and sent a photo to prove it. Otou-san says a photo can’tprove anything, but I think it’s a real photo. But you look really scary,Shinichi-niichan. There’s blood running from the corner of your mouth, andyou’re all tied up. Are you okay? The kidnappers said they want ransom, butthey won’t give you back until you do a job for them. They said okaa-san andotou-san will have to pay them every month to keep you alive. Ran-neechan cameover crying like okaa-san. Make sure they don’t kill you, okay,Shinichi-niichan?

December 20th

Otou-san gotan email from the kidnappers, and they had a live video chat. Me and okaa-sanwere watching it with him. They were pointing a gun at your head the entiretime, and I almost couldn’t breathe. I was so scared. They said to put themoney in an envelope and leave it under a bench in Tropical Land. And if wetold the police, they’d shoot you through the head.

They let youtalk for a little bit, and you talked to me. “Hey Conan-otouto. Don’t worryabout me, I’m okay at the moment. Just focus on school, and soccer. Be withyour friends. I won’t be able to come back for a while. Do good during gymclass at school, okay?” Then they hit you really hard in the face, and turnedoff the video. Why did they do that? Was it a clue?

December 21st

It’s thefirst day of winter, and it was snowing today. Usually, you’d take me outsideand play with me, but you’re not here. Otou-san put the money under the benchlike your kidnappers told him to. I thought about why they would hit you, andthen I thought that what you said was really weird. “Do well in gym class.”Does it mean you’ve been locked up in a school warehouse somewhere?

That would meanthe school has to be abandoned, right? That’s the only way. I told Ayumi-chan,Genta-kun, and Mitsuhiko-kun, and they’re coming to help me search for youtomorrow. I stole a map of Beika and Tokyo from your room, I hope you don’tmind. I’m coming to find you, Shinichi-niichan.

Chapter 4

December 22nd

We didn’tmanage to find anything today. The first thing we did was see if the moneyunder the bench had been taken, and it was. I thought if it hadn’t been takenyet, we could look and nobody would suspect us because we’re just kids. Butthat didn’t work.

I tried tofind an abandoned school warehouse, and only managed to find one. But youweren’t there, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t it. Mitsuhiko-kun found some driedblood on the floor though. Did they move you? Try to hold on, Shinichi-niichan.

December 23rd

Okaa-san andotou-san got really mad at me for sneaking off yesterday. They said it was toodangerous, and they didn’t want me skipping any more school. I told them thatMitsuhiko-kun found a blood spot, but they thought I was just trying to get outof trouble. We’re all going to sneak out tonight and go to the warehouse again,I’ll write again once I get home.


Okaa-san andotou-san are asleep, good. They didn’t see me sneak out. But I’m sure that’swhere you are! I saw you, but you were unconscious. We were going to call thepolice, but they heard Ayumi-chan, and threatened to shoot. Then, they left, and I think they put youinto a van. We were so close! I’m not sure if I should tell okaa-san andotou-san. They’d get mad at me. What would you do, Shinichi nii-chan?

December 24th

It’sChristmas Eve today. We invited Ran-neechan and Mouri-ojichan andKisaki-obachan over for dinner, but Kisaki-obachan couldn’t come. She said shewas busy.

I was tooscared to tell okaa-san I snuck out, so I told Ran-neechan. She said I did agood job, and she’d tell okaa-san and otou-san for me. They listened for her,and then otou-san called the police and told them to inspect the warehouse.They said the blood on the floor matched your DNA. I’m happy. I’m actuallyhelping. We’re closer to finding you now. Oh, and merry Christmas,Shinichi-niichan! I’ll try to save you as a Christmas present!

Chapter 5

December 25th

I got lotsof presents from okaa-san and otou-san. They gave me a new skateboard, a toyairplane, toy cars, and some detective gadgets that record noises and stuff. Ididn’t manage to get out and try to save you, since okaa-san wouldn’t let mego. They found a present that you hid in your room for me, and it was the bestpresent! To everybody else, it might just be a Sherlock Holmes book, but it wasyours. And anything that Shinichi-niichan gives to me is the best thing ever!

December 26th

Okaa-san andotou-san had to leave for America today. They wanted me to come with them, butI told them no. I said I was going to find you. They said that it was toodangerous and otou-san would get the police to find you, but I said that I wasa detective, and nothing was going to stop me. Ran-neechan offered to let mestay at her house, so that’s where I am right now.


I had anightmare about you, Shinichi-niichan. I dreamt that those people who kidnappedyou shot you in the head, and you died. I went to Ran-neechan’s room because Iwas scared, and she let me sleep with her. She told me that you were goodenough to find a way out, and that you’d be back soon. But, everybody saysthat, and you’re not back yet. I’m not sure if I can believe that anymore.

December 27th

Ran-neechanwas crying this morning. I asked her why, and she said it was because she wasworried about you. I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know what to say.She made me pancakes for breakfast, and they were really good. After breakfast,I went outside to play with Ayumi-chan, Mitsuhiko-kun, and Genta-kun.

It snowedagain last night, so we found a hill and went sledding. Once, when I wassharing a sled with Ayumi-chan, our sled tipped over and we both fell into thesnow. It reminds me of when we did that, Shinichi-niichan. I wanted to find youtoday, but Genta-kun said that his parents told him to be home by 4, so wecouldn’t go. I’m definitely going tomorrow though, Shinichi-niichan.

December 28th

Nobody couldgo with me, so I went to the abandoned warehouse by myself. I searched andsearched for clues, but I only found a CD in a case. I went back toRan-neechan’s house, and played it, in case it was from you. It was.

Ran-neechanstarted crying when she saw you on the screen because your face was all bloodyand you looked sick. I was hugging her, because I was scared. It was like mynightmare. “Conan-otouto, please don’t worry about me. I’m sorry I couldn’t bewith you for Christmas. I hope you got my present for you.

“I knowyou’re searching for me, but I have to tell you to stop. It’s too dangerous fora little kid like you, and I’m not going to let you do it. I just have to do ajob for these guys. If it goes well, I’ll be back by New Years. Make sure youtake your medicine if you’re sick. Bye, Conan-otouto.”

Don’t lookfor you anymore? Why Shinichi-niichan? I’m not listening to you say that. I’mcoming to find you no matter what anybody says. I just need more clues to workwith. I’m a detective after all, even if I’m not as good as you, Shinichi-niichan.

Chapter 6

December 29th

I wasthinking all day and all night about what you said in the video. ‘Take yourmedicine’? It’s another clue for me, isn’t it? It has something to do withsickness. A hospital, a factory, and Ran-neechan just suggested an abandoneddrug pharmacy. The last place I saw you was that abandoned school warehouse, soyou’d probably be in a place like that again, right?

Ran-neechancalled over all of my friends for me, and says she’ll come with us to find anabandoned warehouse. I hope we’ll find you. We found you easily last time,Shinichi-niichan.

December 30th

I’m startingto wonder if you’re still in Tokyo. We must have searched every single buildingfor you. But you weren’t in any of them. Maybe they hid you in a hospital? I’llrewatch the video. Just wait a second while I put it up…

Thebackground actually looks pretty nice as I look at it again. Maybe the peoplewho kidnapped you are really rich? I just told Ran-neechan, and she said it’s apossibility. Maybe it’s one of the yakuza in town. They’re pretty powerful andrich. But where does the medicine come in now?

December 31st

It’s onlyten minutes until the new year. You said you might be back by now. It’ssnowing, just like last year. Last year, we celebrated New Years together. Justus, you made an entire party for me. You carried me around, and let me stay upuntil midnight. Ran-neechan wanted me to go to sleep early, so I’m writingusing a flashlight. Kogerou-ojichan wouldn’t let us outside today because hewanted us to prepare for New Year’s.

We had a bigdinner with sushi, sashimi, and a bunch of other things. I wish you were hereto celebrate New Year’s with me. Oh yeah, I started the book you gave me,Shinichi-niichan. It’s really good!

January 1st

It’s a newyear, and I snuck out again. I went around this neighborhood that looked reallynice, and heard something weird. Some screaming about ‘Solve it you *****’ I’mnot writing down the word because you said it was a bad word, Shinichi-niichan.But maybe it was your kidnappers, because they want you to solve a puzzle. I’mdefinitely taking Ran-neechan there tomorrow. She wants you back nearly as muchas I do, Shinichi-niichan.

Chapter 7

January 2nd

Ran-neechancame with me today. She pretended to selling magazines and she said I was herlittle brother. The woman who opened the door was a foreigner. She had reallyblonde hair and these creepy eyes. She was really pretty, but really scary.Like a snake.

I ran intoher house, saying it was really cool. I was really trying to see if I couldfind a room where you might be. Ran-neechan scolded me, but the woman said itwas fine. I asked if there were other people living with her, and she saidthere weren’t. I listened really carefully, but I didn’t hear a thing. Maybe Imade a mistake?

January 3rd

Somethingreally weird happened today. I went to our house to clean it, because it wasgetting dusty, and I found a little girl about my age at the front door. Shewas dressed in really baggy clothing, and she had strawberry-blonde hair. Iasked her why she was here, and she said she wanted to see Conan Kudo. When Isaid it was me, she said she had information about you. She said her name wasHaibara Ai. She asked if she could stay in our house tonight, and I showed herto my room. I wonder who she really is.

January 4th

She told mewhat she had to say. I took her to Ran-neechan’s house first, because I thoughtRan-neechan might want to know what happened to you too. She said she was inthe woman’s house we visited yesterday, and was hiding in a cupboard. She saidthe woman’s name was Vermouth, and she was protecting her. We asked from what,and she said the Black Organization. She says they kidnapped you because theyneed a problem solved in order to catch a traitor. They left behind a puzzlethat they couldn’t solve. She says she was part of the Organization until sheleft and they tried to kill her. Vermouth protected her, and kept her in herhouse along with Shinichi-niichan.

She saysthat you weren’t treated very well because you wouldn’t cooperate. You’re beingkept in the basement, with the puzzle. You have a week left before they’ll killyou. I asked her if she would help me go back for you. She said yes.Ran-neechan asked why Vermouth would protect her if the rest of theOrganization wanted to kill you. She said that Vermouth was her mother.

January 5th

We went backto Vermouth’s house today. When she saw Ai-chan with me, she was more open. Butshe said we couldn’t talk for long because there were other people in her housetoday. They were beating up Shinichi-niichan. She said not say anything, orelse they’d kidnap me and kill me. She said to come back when Ai-chan comes tome again, that way, I’ll know when a good day to release Shinichi-niichan is.I’ll have to do it alone, because she thinks it’s too dangerous for her and Aiif the Organization finds out. I’m almost there, Shinichi-niichan.

Chapter 8

*End of storyone. There will be a sequel. And hopefully something after that.*

Somethingth of January

I don’t knowwhat date it is. I just know that I’m in a dog crate, and it’s been a coupledays at least since I rescued you, Shinichi-niichan. Ai-chan came toRan-neechan’s house like she said she would if it was a good day. Vermouthshowed me to your room, and said she couldn’t help me anymore than that. Shesaid that the men who kidnapped you were coming back in about thirty minutes.The door was locked, so I had to search for key. It was under the carpet. Iwonder if Vermouth put it there so I could find it.

When I gotinto your room, you were all tied up and half unconscious. I managed to wakeyou up and untie most of the knots. You hugged me and thanked me, and got up,but it looked like you were struggling. Vermouth smiled apologetically at youas we passed her, and Ai-chan looked on emotionlessly.

“I wish youluck, Silver Bullet-kun.” I don’t know who she was talking to. She was lookingat both of us. You acknowledged her with a nod.

You openedthe door, and the men in black were standing there. I was terrified, you pulledon my hand and started running in the opposite direction. Vermouth and Ai-chanhad somehow already disappeared. Down the hallway, we saw a back door. You hadjust reached in and gotten when I tripped. One of the men grabbed me, andpushed a cloth over my mouth. They stuffed me into a burlap sack and I fellasleep.

I woke up ina weird place; it’s all crystalline like a laboratory or something. I’m beingkept in a cage like I said earlier. They put a cloth over it after a littlewhile, so now I can’t see anyone who comes into the room. They said you managedto escape, but they’re going to use me as ransom to get you back. You have amonth before they decide I’m ‘disposable’. They only thing they’re letting me keepwith me is this diary.

I’m reallyscared; I think they might kill me. I’m really hungry and thirsty, but no onereally seems to care about that. It’s cold and dark in this cage, like a cave.It’s hard to sleep, because there’s hardly enough space to lie down. But atleast I got Shinichi-niichan out. It’s the only thing I can be happy about now.

~Conan Kudo

To Shinichi-niichan

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urgh.. sorry don't like the diary format... and even though it's coming from a little kid... the format put me off....

i could barely read it.. i had to skim sorry...

not a huge fan.. especially cuz it isn't conai.. but that isn't the only reason...

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urgh.. sorry don't like the diary format... and even though it's coming from a little kid... the format put me off....

i could barely read it.. i had to skim sorry...

not a huge fan.. especially cuz it isn't conai.. but that isn't the only reason...

Yeah, I wrote it so I could have fun writing it from a little kid's view point. And I'm just not a ConAi writer, so never expect that couple from me. Just look at my siggy. It was my second fanfic too, so it really needs improvement... (which I am too lazy to do...)

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hahaha, well, even if you're not conai i usually try to read the stories, but i was mainly put off since it was diary format and you spoke like a little kid from first person point of view...

i'm not a huge fan of first person. i prefer third person.... and when dates are put up there i get confused :(

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man it was difficult to read that all

Sorry. I copied and pasted and it looked perfectly fine in the editor. Unfortunately when posted it enjoys torturing me by killing a third of the spaces. Could I fix it? Yes. Do I have to do it? No. If would take me hour for one post. So sorry to all........ It's easier to read on fanfiction though. My penname is Aeyra.

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