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Found 2 results

  1. DCW Secret Santa 2015 I know this is late but since it seems like Moho won't be organizing the Secret Santa this year. I'll be taking charge of this year's Secret Santa. So yup, it's the time of the year again for Secret Santa (Yup, it's super late. I know. It should have been a month earlier but gahhh) Like the previous years, same rules except for the important dates for the event, some stuffs and the person who will be in charge, you can read them here. Anyways, I'll be just quoting in Moho's original rules in here, just in case: And here's what's changed from the rules, Important Dates of course! (I'll be using Eastern Standard Time) December-8-2015 : Beginning of sign ups for the Event! You guys can sign up now of course December-20-2015 : Final day to sign up for the Event. The exact time of the sign up closing will be around 5 PM (EST). Just like last year and/or the previous years, the Organizer will be assigning each participant with a random participant and will receive the random participant's wishlist through PM, so please, be around on this day or the day after. Compared to the last event though, I will be quickly assigning stuffs and the participants will receive their assigned wishlist within 9-10 PM (EST again) Also, if you want to drop out from the event, this is the last day for it! December-21-2015 : Actual start for the gift making will start on this day! Go on and make thy gifts December-30-2015 and December-31-2015 : Now, here's another important change on the dates, the Secret Santa Gift Exchanging is supposed to happen in the actual Christmas Day but since this Event started really really late like only now, the event itself is moved to the last day of the year (Don't worry it's still Christmas Season at that time since Christmas really ends on January 6). The Deadline for Gift Submission is on December 30 (till 11:59 PM EST No ifs no buts) and the Date where each participant will receive their said gifts will be the next day, December 31 (12 am EST onwards). So again, please be around these important dates. (If you have submitted your gift early, you don't need to be around on December 30) January-1-2016 : Nothing important for this event really Just Happy New Year to Everyone on that time! Other Important Notes: You cannot drop out from the event once the date for the closing of sign ups passes. So please, make sure you really have enough time to make your gifts (You have 9 days to do that) and also to be around the dates where said participation is needed. You can submit your gifts to me earlier than December 30 that's if you surely finished it. The event will only go on if we reach the minimum of 6 participants. Below the minimum, event is automatically cancelled. To make the event more mysterious and secret, I won't be revealing the name of the Participants till the end of the event. To avoid confusion, please do remember that I'm the one who is organizing the event. So it's to me that you'll submit your works and other event related stuffs unless Moho decides to do the event. If Moho decides to take over the event, I'll give him the Stage since this is supposed to be his but of course, We'll let every participant know about it, to avoid any confusion. Lastly, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THIS EVENT! IF YOU ARE THINKING TWICE WHETHER YOU WANNA JOIN OR NOT, SIMPLE ANSWER: DON'T. Current Number of Participants: 8 If you have any more questions, you can freely ask me through PM or here. EDIT: I edited the dates. Extended it till saturday. ANOTHER EDIT: RULE UPDATE: FOR ALL THE PARTICIPANTS, MAKE SURE YOU REALLY SUBMIT YOUR WORK BEFORE 30th (I'LL GIVE A BUFFER TIME LIKE A DAY OR TWO IF THERE IS SOMETHING NEED TO BE FIXED OR IF SOMETHING REALLY GOT IN THE WAY THAT PREVENTED YOU FROM DOING OR SUBMITTING YOUR GIFT). FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN A BAN FROM THE EVENT AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO JOIN EVER AND I'M NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS. === Participants: Kjeldahl Aadikudo Alpha the Errorist windie astraculpa Rye Misaki-chan Waffle Santa Another Rule Edit: I don't know if last year there was a gift revelation, and if it's publicly or through PMs but anyways, this time around, the participants only will be the one to see the works of the other participants.
  2. (Image source) DCW Secret Santa Event 2014! What? How could this be? It isn't even past Thanksgiving! It's way too early for this! I agree, it seems a bit early. But here's a bit of my reasoning on why this is going to get started soon. I also ran the previous Secret Santa event for 2013 (link here) and I started it up too late. Due to the strict time constraints, an issue came up during the event and one person did not get their gift on time. Also, because it started up so fast, there were people that wanted to join but just couldn't. I want to get this event started soon so issues can be handled in a less rushed manner, get everyone who wants to participate on board, and give people plenty of time to make their gifts. Just for reference, the 2012 and 2011 events had their topics about this time, and they worked pretty well. This event won't work that differently from the other years' events, so if you are curious on how it worked, check out the links in the previous paragraph. With that said, here's some information about this event: How to Join: In order to signup, just post in this topic. You can also PM me or leave a comment on my profile. Remember that once signups close, gift-giving is mandatory! You can't drop out after signups close, so please make sure that you have time in your schedules to make a gift! While you can signup first and post your wishlist (see below) later, I prefer that you do both at the same time. If you signup through PM or comment, please post your wishlist in this topic! How to Make a Wishlist: Your wishlist is just what it sounds like, a wishlist. It's a way to tell your Secret Santa what you want. Remember that this is only a suggestion, and while most Secret Santas will try to fit your wishlist, others may not or can not. Wishlists are not binding. This should consist of at least 3 (and preferably exactly 3) series, characters, or other things that you want to see in your gift. These need not be native to Detective Conan, but try to keep at least one Detective Conan related thing in your list, and if you decide to go for a non-DC character, please note where the character comes from! Note that I said that the wish list should consist of at least 3 things. You can put more than 3 things, but this is just a way for people who simply can't decide between 5 of their favorite series or characters and really want to put down all 5. This is not for people to put down an excessive amount of things. In general, I would keep it to 3. You're more likely to get what you want, and your Secret Santa isn't going to have as many troubles deciding. If you want, you can also list what kind of gift you want (music, fanfic, etc.), but your Secret Santa is not necessarily obligated to make that gift. Here's an example wishlist that I made: How to Upload Your Gift: So you made your gift! Great, but how do you get it to your awesome receiver? Well, this honestly depends on what gift you are uploading. Here are a few general guidelines: Fanfics/fanart: Either posted here or on another publicly accessible site. AMVs: Youtube, preferably, I really can't hold a lot of movie files on my computer. Songs: Upload it as an .mp3 file to some public file-hosting website (I'm fond of Mediafire). If you can password-lock it, please give it the password: secretsanta (all lower case, no caps). You can also upload it onto Youtube. If you happen to be making a gift that doesn't fit the above categories, or you just have questions, just PM me. We'll find a way. Remember that once you upload your gift, please give the link to me through PM! It's no good if I don't have access to it! I'll always send a confirmation PM noting I did get the link, or there were problems with your link, or what not, so keep tabs on your inboxes! Any other questions? Feel free to ask! Did I leave out something? Point it out! Timeline for this Year: Deadlines always expire on the day listed below, at midnight, in Mountain Standard Time. For your convenience, I also highlighted the particularly important dates. - ***November 24, 2014***: All signups close! Remember that gift-giving is mandatory, so if you realize that you're going to be too busy this coming month, tell me so I can remove you from the list! I will assign everyone who signs up a person and give them their wishlist through PM by a few days after this date. - December 15, 2014: I will begin screaming in this topic and maybe through PM to remind everyone that the deadline for gifts is the following week! REMEMBER THAT THE DEADLINE IS NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE! Something like that. - December 21, 2014: Winter equinox! (Though you should be finishing gifts instead of appreciating this small fact. :V) - ***December 22, 2014***: Deadline for gifts! Get your gifts in! Barring exceptional circumstances, I'm not going to take any gifts beyond this time. I need to organize all the gifts, and that will take time! Please make this process easy for me so there won't be any hassle before the gift-giving! Note that while this is the deadline, I will most definitely accept gifts earlier. While I don't want to encourage rushing, if you have your gift done early then by all means turn it in! - December 23, 2014: Stretch! Relax! You turned in your gift, and now it's time to wait while I organize the gifts behind the scenes for your convenience. - December 24, 2014: Silence. This is fun, isn't it? - ***December 25, 2014***: GIFTS! Here comes all the gifts that you made for each other! The reveals! The surprises! The drama! O, what fun... Current signups: - kirsch - Misaki-chan - MeiTanteixX - astraculpa - Kjehdal - Hikari chan - Raki
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